False Truths by Kimijack

I spent several decades of my life living for the elusive ‘they’. Always worried about what others would think, I would wake up early to dress to impress. I would spend 12-14 hrs a day working believing I was being a successful role model for my children when all they wanted was a mom. I…

Once in a while I will post something that is not related to beauty in a physical aspect but more to lifestyle.  Kimijack is a woman whom I’ve known since we were in 7th grade.  If you don’t have a “religious” belief I encourage you to read this anyway because I think you will take something from her short post that you can still apply to your life.  You may be shown a different way of looking something, or reminded of a lesson you had long forgotten and need at this time in your life.  It’s not too long and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

via False Truths — kimijack’s Blog


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