A Soft Spot From Working In Luxury

IMG_20170906_174043~2Several years ago I worked in the beauty department at a luxury store.  Until that point when I went shopping I had not been exposed to many of the brands I would end up working with.  This beauty department opened me to new experiences, brands, products and opportunities.

I have fun learning about new brands or products as well as playing with them (that’s probably a given – not many beauty lovers can say they don’t enjoy playing with skincare or makeup!) and this was the perfect playground!  One of the lessons I learned was how much better I can choose shade of lipstick or foundation when I’m able to try it on first.  If I try to buy one of these at a drugstore I inevitably choose a lipstick that’s too cool and looks chalky, or the foundation is too dark.

Now I won’t purchase a foundation anywhere other than a department store, and once in a while I’ll purchase a lipgloss at a drugstore but usually with reservation.

What is your soft spot, that preference or “thing”,  that you just won’t compromise?

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