What Would You Do?

Situation:  You’re on a brand’s website looking at their products when you realize the ingredient list isn’t quite complete, because some of the ingredients aren’t actual ingredient names but instead they’ve listed the trade name.  For example, Hyaluronic Acid is listed when you know it should be something like Sodium Hyaluronate.

Question:  What do you do?  Do you email them and ask for more information?  Do you decide not to bother with the brand?

Recently a brand reached out to me asking if they could send a few products for me to try.  I immediately went to their website to look at their offerings and looked at a few of the ingredient lists.  I responded to them asking why specific Vitamins are listed in the ingredients but not the actual ingredient.  Turns out it was an issue with another brand copying their formulation.  I declined the offer because I wasn’t comfortable accepting their products if I don’t know what’s in them.  

This experience made me wonder what others would do in a similar situation.  Please comment below because I would love to know your response!

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