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Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a Giorgio Armani Beauty Master Class at Neiman Marcus in Charlotte, NC.  I realized many people have not attended a Master Class which gave me the inspiration for this post.  While this is specifically about the Armani class I attended there are other brands with similar opportunities.  Check with the Sales Associate for the brand you are interested in or already use.

What is a Master Class?  It’s an instructional hands on class to show technique, trends, etc.   The client has the opportunity to interact, learn and apply their own makeup with a makeup artist supervising, or you can have the artist apply the makeup.  With skincare a sample of the product is applied to the back of your hand which allows you to feel the texture, check the scent (some of us love a scent, some do not), etc.


Last year I also had the opportunity to attend an Armani Master Class with Tim Quinn.  Tim and Rhona Samuels (as well as the crew with Tim last year) are so much fun, a pleasure to spend time with and down to earth.  Tim not only has a passion for the art of beauty but also for showing others how to feel good about themselves.  Do an internet search to read more on his background.

Our Master Class began with Tim Quinn, Giorgio Armani Celebrity Face Designer, explaining the importance of skincare and the difference it makes in the look of your makeup (I know from personal experience my makeup looks better when I’m exfoliated and moisturized).  In a previous post (read here) I describe how the Armani skincare and makeup are designed like a wardrobe or the fabrics in his collection.  They’re designed to be layered with one another.  The lovely Rhona Samuels, Premier Face Designer, was part of the event as well.


A few of the products Tim touched on were the Armani Prima skincare line which is designed to help your makeup last longer, and three of his favorite products:

Crema Nera Supreme Recovery Oil, Armani Prima Refreshing Makeup Fix, and Crema Nuda.  The Recovery Oil gives the skin a lovely glow. I was impressed with how well it absorbed into the skin and it’s truly a dry oil.  I haven’t used this personally so I cannot speak to the anti-aging claims.  The Refreshing Makeup Fix includes aloe vera which is used for setting your makeup.  This is truly an airy mist that dries quickly.  I purchased this mist but have not used it over makeup at this time.  Crema Nuda is a treatment and color in one (in my experience this is also a possible moisturizer for those with oily skin).  This corrects complexion by reflecting light for an enhanced glow and blurring imperfections with a natural finish.  Suggestion: after applying Crema Nuda layer your Armani foundation on top for a dewy look or added coverage.


Next Tim introduced the “Life Is A Cruise” and “Spring/Summer Runway 2017” collections from the Armani Spring/Summer 2017 fashion runway.  Using a guest as a model he demonstrated techniques to use all of the beautiful products.

Spring/Summer Runway 2017


This collection is all limited edition, so once they’re gone…they’re gone.

The cover on the limited edition Runway Palette features the pattern and fabric from the fashion collection.  There are two sections to this palette.  The first contains a bronzing powder for that Armani Glow.  The second section contains three shades of eyeshadow in cobalt blue, black and pastel pink.  Suggestion:  the pink can be used as a highlighter on the face or eyes.


The limited edition shade of Ecstasy Lacquer Lip Gloss is named “Spring Summer 2017” for a lovely neutral lip.  Suggestion:  apply one layer for a soft natural look or add additional layers for more color.

The limited edition shade of Eye Tint is Spring Summer 2017 Runway (see photo below for swatch on the far right).

Life Is A Cruise


This collection includes limited edition shades of Eye Tint, eye shadows, liquid eyeliner and bronzing palette.  The few limited edition shades for the Eye Tint are from left to right in the photo:  1) 11 is a permanent shade in the line;  2) Sunset 27;  3) Italian Riviera 28;  4) Armani Cruise 29;  5) Midnight Cruise 25; and 6) Navy Lights 26 (yes, it looks more dark teal or turquoise than navy).



Eyes To Kill Proliner has three shades (the Obsidian Black will be a permanent part of the line!).  Shade 1 is Obsidian Black, Shade 2 is Navy Lights (it looks like a dark teal or turquoise), and Shade 3 is Armani Cruise (see photo below for swatches).  The applicator is foam-tip and I have no difficulties with application.  Suggestion:  apply Shade 1 or 3 for daytime and Shade 3 on top for an evening look.


The limited edition face palettes in Sunrise and Sunset are stunning.  Both have an  embossed wave reminiscent of the warm Mediterranean sand (I borrowed that from their website).


Sunrise is a bronzing powder with three warm shades to flatter any skin tone.  Use each shade on a different area of the face, or swirl your brush in the palette for a unique blend.  A brush is in a separate section under the bronzer.  Suggestion:  all three shades can also be used as eyeshadow.


Sunset is an eye palette with shades ranging from pearlescent pink to gold, coppery brown and navy green.  The shadows can be layered to build intensity.  Suggestion:  the pearlescent pink and coppery brown can be used as a highlighter.

Both collections can be found online and the stores that usually have it in stock are the locations where Tim makes an appearance.


The last presentation by Dennis Dewalt, Giorgio Armani Prive Haute Couture National Specialist, was very interesting as fragrance is not an area in which I excel.  He discussed five of the Prive fragrances:  Pivoine Suzhou, Eau de Jade, Rouge Malachite, Vert Malachite and Rose D’ Arabie.  They are all oil based and intended to be layered based on which 2 or 3 scents you choose.  Did You Know:  The best places to apply fragrance are areas that tend to be warm such as the back of your neck, the inside crease of the elbows, back of the knees and decollete.

After the demonstrations each guest had the opportunity for a personal consultation with an artist and met with the Dynamic Duo Tim and Rhona.


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Have you attended a Master Class before?  I’d love to hear about it if you have.  Also let me know if you have any questions or your experience using any of these products.

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