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Friends are great, aren’t they?  One of my friends told the creator of SkinFood Apothecary that I’m on Instagram and have a blog so when she sent my friend some products to try she also sent me a package of several products!  If you know me then you expect me to give you my honest opinion on the products.  I enjoyed using all of the products and would consider a purchase when I need to replace something in my current routine.  Some of the products I tested are better for my skin in the summer, some in the winter.  Remember that my skin may differ from yours.


The products I received were sample size which I prefer because I don’t mind purchasing the items that I decide I love.  I received three products that are not available yet, but if you decide you need to try them now just go to their website and send them a message to see if it’s available.

There are two (good) things that stood out to me about this line:  the price point is reasonable and the products smell like their ingredients (this is a good thing!).

The prices that I list are approximate as the website has the price in South African rand (their currency).

About the company:

SkinFood Apothecary was “born out of a need / desire to use natural facial care products that were botanically rich, gentle yet effective and free of artificial preservatives, colorants, scents and parabens. In symphony with this is the ethos and philosophy of mindfulness. I wanted all the products, even supposedly mundane ones like moisturizers and facial cleansers to be prompts for a moment of mindfulness – a conscious awareness of the present moment, which provides a wonderfully enchanting and completely restorative state for the mind and soul. Inspired by nature and intentionally made, SkinFood reflects all that which is unique yet down-to-earth, simple yet meaningful and natural yet elegant and attentive.”

The ingredients are ethically sourced and are either certified organic, Fair Trade, or sourced from small farms.  Most products are 99% organic.

On their website there is a tab “How It Works” and you can choose “Your Skin Type” or “How to Get Started.”  “Your Skin Type” shows the product recommendations based on your skin type (no need to take a quiz!) and “How to Get Started” explains each step in your recommended routine.

Let’s start with the cleansers I received:



Honey Melt – Raw honey has several benefits for the skin (yes, the same honey that you use to cook with food or add to your tea).  It’s nourishing, moisturising, has antioxidants (think anti-aging), it’s antibacterial which helps with acne and exfoliates.  The sweet aroma and thick texture are what one would expect from a cleanser with this name.  It even tastes sweet (I licked my lips and yum!).  The ingredients include raw organic African honey, glycerin, rose hydrolat and organic apple cider.  Your skin will feel clean and soft.

Using this type of cleanser was new to me.  At first I had mixed feelings but after using it a few times I came to really like this cleanser.  I prefer it as a second cleanse or as my morning cleanse.

Price:  $18


Purifying Mud – This was also a new type of cleanser for me to get used to as I don’t think I’ve used a mud cleanser before.  It’s a gentle cleanser with a very thin (watery) consistency which I happen to like.  The two star ingredients are French Pink Clay and Green Tea Extract.

The website indicates this cleanser removes “skin impurities, stimulate blood flow, tones, refreshes and it is packed with beneficial minerals. It helps reduce acne, blackheads, and other skin impurities and rejuvenates skin. Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, creating firmer, youthful – looking skin, while also refining the pores for a clear, smooth, glowing complexion. This wonderful, synergistic blend fights off the free radicals that try daily to harm and age your skin. With added DMAE to firm skin and MSM to reduce inflammation. Dissolves buildup and clears pores, whilst revitalizing , smoothing and softening.”

I like this cleanser for a second cleanse in the evening or as a morning cleanse to wake up my skin!

Price:  $18

Next is the Exfoliator and Masks:


Face Goumage


All skincare lines should have an exfoliator and I’m glad SkinFood Apothecary included one in their line.  You can smell the delicious ingredients in this:  apricot, chamomile, essential oils, botanical extracts, and white willow bark.  Additional ingredients that are new to me are rooibos (antioxidant), buchu (decongests) and colloidal silver.

Part of the exfoliation is from apricot kernels so only a very light massage is needed!  It’s a little too much for my skin so I’m hoping they add a gentle exfoliator at some point.

Price:  $16



BlackoutThe Blackout Mask can be used in the traditional way or as a spot treatment for blemishes.  The rhassoul mud base has charcoal, cold-pressed organic avocado oil, and Sandalwood and rosewood oils.  This mask is excellent for a deep clean and detoxifying the skin.

Price:  $16

Superfood Face Mask:


Excellent for removing toxins, dirt and excess oil, this mask has a list of ingredients that are good for you and your skin:  African raw honey, spirulina, seaweed, pumpkin seed, black cumin seed oil and green clay…with a hint of basil and lemongrass.

Price:  $16


Vitamin C Mask –  Vitamin C is a superstar ingredient for good reasons:  research, it stands the test of time and most brands have at least one product if not an entire line for Vitamin C.  A few benefits are anti-aging, brightens and evens skin tone, and improves elasticity.

This mask is a powder, just add water, mix into a paste and apply to the face.

*Note:  This is not on the website yet so I don’t know the ingredients and unable to indicate which form of Vitamin C is included.

Price:  $23 – to order go to the SkinFood Apothecary website, select the “Contact Us” tab and inquire about purchase.

Up Next:  The Facial Oils/Elixirs (photos above are from the SkinFood Apothecary website)

There are two.  The first is Repair and Renew.  I have…

Face Elixir Purify and Balance (oil) – “This elixir is formulated to help decongest and purify the skin, minimize fine lines, reduce large pores and encourage cellular function.”  The oils include Hazelnut,Kalahari Melon, Hemp Seed, Blue German Chamomile and Blue Yarrow.  It absorbs easily and while it’s good for all skin types it’s beneficial for acneic skin.

Price:  $20

Let’s not forget the moisturizers!  These two beauties aren’t available just yet but to inquire about their availability go to the SkinFood Apothecary website, select the “Contact Us” tab and inquire about purchase.


The Face Creme:


This velvety moisturizer gives skin more than moisture and nutrition.  In addition to freshly pressed extracts of rose, marula, and jojoba oil, this includes MSM, DMAE and Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA).  

Benefits of the latter ingredients:

MSM:  Has the ability to penetrate deeply which plumps and hydrates skin.  MSM also evens skin tone, and reduces hyperpigmentation and age spots.

DMAE:  Lifts and firms skin, is an anti-inflammatory, and acts as an antioxidant.

Alpha Lipoic Acid:  An antioxidant that prevents aging and inflammation reducing redness.

Price:  $18



This balm softens to a very soft texture (reminds me of an oil) when warmed on your fingers and massaged into the skin.  Dry skin will love this for daily use, or it can be used as an intensive treatment.

The ingredients include:

Kesar (saffron) lightens skin tone, has purifying properties, is anti-bacterial, and contains antioxidants.

Chaga extract comes from Chaga Mushrooms and contains betulin and beta glucans which reduce inflammation, protects against burns, and helps skin maintain firmness and elasticity.

Calendula is moisturizing, has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, and promotes collagen production.

Sea Buckthorn is high in Vitamin E, hydrating, contains antioxidants and is beneficial for rosacea and acne.

Price:  $18

Purchases can be made on their website, SkinFood Apothecary

I would love to know your thoughts about this brand and products I’ve reviewed, and if  you use natural/organic skincare.

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