How To Recreate Claire Foy’s Effortless Updo from the Golden Globes


Golden Globe winner Claire Foy looked stunning on Sunday when she attended the awards show.  Her hair stood out to me because my hair is considered somewhat short but this is a style I can achieve.  Celebrity Hairstylist Jillian Halouska for SHOW Beauty shares how to achieve this look:


To recreate Claire’s wispy, undone look, wash tresses with SHOW Beauty Pure Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner and rough dry hair (no brush needed!) to keep elasticity and create movement.


Next, spritz the SHOW Beauty Sheer Thermal Protect from root to tip and wrap small 1” sections of hair around a ¾ inch curling iron. After each section, immediately pull the hair downwards to elongate and loosen the curl. Repeat until every hair is curled, this will help achieve a wispy do. Then spray the SHOW Beauty Premiere Dry Shampoo onto the roots to create a grip for the bobby pins to grab onto. Starting at the nape of the neck, take a small section of hair and pin to the opposite side. Moving upwards, continue pining hair in a crisscross pattern, leaving out a few front and side pieces. Gently sweep remaining hair back and spray into place with the SHOW Beauty Premiere Finishing Spray.


Pure Moisture Shampoo ($38)

Pure Moisture Conditioner ($38)

Premiere Dry Shampoo ($35)

Sheer Thermal Protect ($35)

Premiere FinishingSpray ($35)



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