Armani: An Experience, Not Just Skincare & Makeup


When someone mentions Armani what’s the first thing that comes to mind?  Perhaps that it’s an Italian fashion house with luxurious suits and beautiful gowns, or his range of accessories?  Well I’m going to talk about Armani’s skincare and makeup, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while.  It’s a beautiful line and there are several pieces I’m going to talk about so I will have a couple of posts sharing some of my favorites and what I won’t live without.  In this first post I’ll include some information about the Armani line and my favorite cleanser.

Armani skincare and makeup have some similarities with the fashion house.  Two of the similarities are Texture and Layering.  The products feel like the fabrics that are used in his collections:  silk, chiffon, etc.  The skincare and makeup are lightweight which makes them easy to layer without having the feeling that you’re wearing too much.

Armani Beauty is known for the Armani Glow.  This look can be created with as many (or few) products as you prefer.  Naturally (no pun intended) you want to start with a skincare routine based on your skin’s needs, then use makeup where it’s needed.

Many of the season’s colors are created backstage at the runway shows.  The Armani Lab Runway has everything needed to create a look to compliment the season’s collection and add to the beauty line.

My favorite Armani cleanser…


Crema Nera Supreme Balancing Oil-in-Gel Cleanser is excellent at removing makeup, including my long-wear foundations (I use a separate eye makeup remover for my eyes).  In this photo there are two pumps of cleanser so as you can see it doesn’t dispense too much product.  The cleanser is a pearly gel that once applied to dry skin warms up and turns into a thicker oil texture (in the photo I used a third pump and spread it a little to demonstrate this).  Wet your fingers and the cleanser turns milky making it even easier to remove (it removes quite easily even when I don’t add the water to my fingertips).  I keep a back up in my arsenal.  This does not contain Mineral Oil or parabens.  Some of the oils (not necessarily in order) are corn, apricot, and rice bran.  If you’re sensitive it does contain fragrance which is last on the list.  I don’t notice any particular scent but I have had someone tell me they do (I think some of it has to do with preference and sensitivity).

Armani can be purchased at their website Giorgio Armani Beauty, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and other retailers.

Have you tried any Armani products?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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3 thoughts on “Armani: An Experience, Not Just Skincare & Makeup

  1. Traci, great post and beautiful photos! I am very intrigued by this cleanser. I adore all of the Armani products I’ve tried thus far and the cleanser sounds like something worth checking out. Will look into it next time I’m at Nordstrom or Neiman!

    ~ Cat L.

    1. Thank you Cat! I recommend getting a sample or two (I usually do with any product when possible). After I completed this post I used a pH strip and the result was a 5 which made me happy.

  2. […] my makeup looks better when I’m exfoliated and moisturized).  In a previous post (read here) I describe how the Armani skincare and makeup are designed like a wardrobe or the fabrics in his […]

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