Paper Cards & Things: November 2016 [Semi] Spoiler


Paper Cards & Things  is currently my favorite subscription box.  I received the photo above in an email showing what the theme will be in November and wanted to share it in case anyone is interested in subscribing.

I have two boxes that I still have to post about, but the two months that I have posted are from August and June (click on the month to see my review).

Paper Card & Things is a fairly new monthly Greeting Card & Gift Subscription Box “Monthly subscription box packed with cute and creative stationery, jewelry/accessories and beauty skincare masks. Stationery box also available for stationery lovers.  Our boxes feature a fun theme every month.  Products sourced mostly from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong. Curated and brought to you by expats inspired by traveling and living abroad in Asia and Europe!”

How it all began:  a couple of Americans living in Asia wanted to create a specialized box that allows us to treat ourselves while sometimes sending love to others.  The products selected for each month’s box are mostly available overseas as they are discovered during trips throughout Asia and Europe.

Shipped from Hong Kong (with no charge for delivery to the U.S.) this lovely subscription service has a few options, each including month-to-month pricing or a lower price for 3-month and 6-month commitments.  The options are:

Paper Card & Things box: $28.99 if you go month-by-month.  The boxes include 3-4 greeting cards, and Customizable treats for you that includes 4-6 products from two to three of the following categories:  Accessories/Jewelry, Sheet Mask/Beauty, and Stationery items.

Stationery Box: $15 a month (receive 6 or more stationery items – greeting cards, notebooks, stickers, bookmarks, etc.).

Stationery Box Light: $9.99 a month (receive 3 or more stationary items).

Have you or are you considering a subscription to Paper Card & Things?  Do you have any similar subscriptions?  I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions.

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