What I Love Right Now…

Dior Rouge Dior in 028 Actrice from Dior Website

Dior lipstick is new to me.  I have a lip gloss and mascara but I’m not sure why I haven’t tried their lipstick before.  They recently reformulated their Rouge Dior line and while I was in Nordstrom last weekend I decided to try on the beautiful red shade 999.

When I applied the lipstick it was very creamy and highly pigmented.  The Dior representative explained that part of the reason the lipstick feels so creamy and smells so yummy is the new formula includes Mango Butter!  I wore the lipstick for about four hours (I was speaking the majority of the time) and it still looked great.  Oh, and the creaminess?  Still felt soft enough that I wanted to rub my lips together.  My lips weren’t dry and I didn’t need to reapply.  By the time it did start to wear off  I still had a nice tint to my lips (it reminded me of a light stain) and my lips were soft, not dry.

The case is dark navy with a beautiful silver accent and the inside of each cap is red, Dior’s sexy signature shade.  The palette of colors includes 52 satin and 15 matte shades to choose from.  My choice was the Dior Rouge Dior in 028 “Actrice” as seen in the photo above.  The reason I chose to use a photo from the Dior website is because the photos show women with different skin tones wearing the same shade.

Have you tried the Dior Rouge Dior lipsticks or have a favorite Dior product?  I’d love to know!

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