Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event Fall 2016


My favorite beauty event is the Barneys of New York Love Yourself Bag Event.  In store from 9/7-9/11/16 and online, there’s a bag for men or a bag for women so you can choose which one you’d like.  Receive their beauty bag of luxe samples with your $200 purchase.  Plus, most brands have an additional gift with purchase.  If you want to speak with a Sales Associate I work with Carolyn in the Beauty department at the Boston store (no taxes or shipping) and her number at the store is 617-385-3322.  I don’t receive anything for giving referrals, other than it lets her know I appreciate her client service (she’s very nice and if needed she has great suggestions based on skin type, preferences, etc.).

I don’t have the complete list of products in the bags but the photo above is the women’s bag and the photo below is the men’s bag.  Both photos are from the Barney’s website.


Will you be making a purchase to get the Love Yourself beauty bag?  I’d love to hear your thoughts or what will be in your shopping bag!

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