Neiman Marcus Beauty Event [Fall 2016]

September is one of the big months for beauty events because it kicks off the Fall/Winter seasons.  My initial report is from Neiman Marcus.  The event runs from Thursday 9/8/16 through Sunday 9/18/16 in store and online.  Spend $125 and receive a tote bag with samples.  Choose the color of your choice while supplies last.  I haven’t seen the bags in person yet but I think this might be the best one in a while.  Based on the booklet I received it appears there are less samples than usual, but they always have a full-size tote bag which are great for every day (most stores and websites have a makeup bag with a ton of samples but I have so many I just don’t need them).

Here are the samples that come in the tote…

With a $500 purchase receive a matching cosmetics bag with additional samples…

I will be at the store this week and will post an update with more photos.

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