Olivia Garden Giveaway: Birthday Month Continues!

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A hair brush or comb is something I can say I’ve never paid too much money for.  In my luxury retail days I had some exposure to expensive brushes and although I was curious I just couldn’t convince myself to pull the trigger and purchase one.  What I didn’t understand is that a quality hair brush does make a difference for your hair but doesn’t require spending a lot of money.

Olivia Garden was kind enough to send me some of her lovely hair brushes to help celebrate my birthday month with a giveaway for my readers!  I’ve used her brushes (courtesy of Olivia Garden) and I must say that I like them – a lot.  Excellent quality at a reasonable price (in my opinion).

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I love the retractable sectioning pick that inserts at the bottom of the brush!

To learn about the Olivia Garden brand and the products they offer (which is more than just brushes!), visit her website here.  Their social media 

Brushes in the giveaway:

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  1.  On-The-Go Folding Brushes are so convenient and a much needed accessory for your handbag, car, gym bag and carry on.  The brushes are multifunctional – they’re great for detangling, styling, brushing, touch-ups or even a good scalp massage.  A built in touch up mirror is located on the handle of the brush for easy, quick touch-ups.  There are two types:

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On-The-Go Detangle & Style (GO-1) features ionic bristles

On-The-Go Smooth & Style (GO-2) blends ionic and 100% boar bristles

Price:  $16.50 (USD – approximate)

Benefits of Ionic bristles:  comfortable ball point tips that massage & stimulate scalp.

Benefits of Boar bristles:  distribute hair’s natural oils resulting in shiny hair;  tames “fly-aways”

0810161831 (2)

  1.  NanoThermic Ceramic + Ion Flex 100% Boar brush.  Flexible and vented, this brush has a special curve design that glides over the scalp.  It has a retractable sectioning pick (a must for me!) and a soft handle that’s easy to grip.  The latest Ceramic technology allows the brush to heat up faster & retain heat longer without damaging hair.  The Tourmaline Ion Technology hydrates the cuticle adding more shine to the hair, and eliminates frizz & flyaways.  Price:  $21.00 (USD – approximate)


  1.  Heat Pro Ceramic + Ion Thermal Styler brushes come in two sizes – 7 row black bristles and 9 row white bristles.  The Thermal Styler brushes feature Copper Ceramic Technology for ultra-fast drying without causing heat damage to the hair, and Tourmaline Ionic Bristles that enhance cuticle hydration and eliminate frizz and flyaways for healthier and shinier hair.  The ultra-lightweight design has also been manufactured with high-grade polycarbonate materials that are heat and chemical resistant.  Price $16.50 (USD)

Purchase:  in the U.S. they are sold at Ulta.  You can also go to the Olivia Garden website for hair stylist locations in the U.S. and who to contact in Europe.

To Enter Giveaway:

  1. You must be following this blog – email, Instagram, WordPress, etc.
  2. Comment below and tell me which brush you think you’d like and where you are located (which country, state, etc.).
  3. Open to U.S. – I’ll be selecting one winner for international who will receive an On-the-Go Folding Brush.
  4. Giveaway entries close at 8pm Eastern time on Wednesday August 17, 2016.  Winner will be randomly selected (I’m going to try and use Randompicker) and I will post an update by 8pm Eastern time on Saturday August 20, 2016.  I will send the winner a message for their details.
  5. No giveaway accounts – you will be disqualified

Good luck!

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31 thoughts on “Olivia Garden Giveaway: Birthday Month Continues!

  1. On-The-Go Detangle & Style brush seems to be the one for me, I am guessing it will help my thinning hair ,and it will be great to take any where. Thanks .

  2. The one that initially appealed to me was the ceramic boar but the ceramic thermal ion stylers sound fab too! I’m in dire need of a new brush so I’d be grateful for any of them…fingers crossed!

      1. I actually added this afternoon to include where you’re located because I realized there was no way for me to know who is international (if any). Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Hello! As a new mother with rapidly falling off hair ( thanks , breastfeeding!), i d love Ionic brush. Hoping it will do some magic and bring some hair back. Or at least add shine to whatever is left. Haha And im from NC as well.

  4. Hi! I found your blog today and followed. I could really use a Heat Pro Ceramic + Ion Thermal Styler brush with 7 row black bristles. I’m hoping it could do wonders on my hair which is at a stage (growing out) that I’m not too happy with. Thanks for the chance.

  5. All brushed look awesome.. but if I had to pick… Heat Pro Ceramic + Ion Thermal Styler. I’m from Massachusetts and I’m going to subscribe right now.

  6. I’d really love to have the heat pro ceramic + the ion thermal styler. These two brushes would really help me out with my hair, considering the state my hair is now.

    I live in the U.S, Michigan

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