My Birthday = You Benefit [Giveaway!]


August is my birthday month and I love to use the whole month as an excuse to celebrate in some way.  To say thank you to my followers I’m going to have a couple of giveaways.  There is currently one on Instagram (under my name tracidrury).  I recently canceled a couple of my monthly subscription boxes because I’ve accumulated so much stuff and I cannot possibly use it!  Time to share the love.  So everything you see in the photo above is in this giveaway, and I’ll have a couple of other giveaways this month as well.

To Enter Giveaway:

  1. You must be following this blog
  2. Comment below what you do for work  and how you follow the blog (email, etc.)
  3. Open to U.S. only (sorry international friends)
  4. Giveaway entries close at 8pm Eastern time on Thursday August 11, 2016.  Winner will be randomly selected and I will post an update by 8pm Eastern time on Sunday August 14, 2016.  I will send the winner a message for their details.
  5. No private or giveaway accounts – you will be disqualified

I work in the insurance industry (in a cubicle in front of a computer), but I’m also an esthetician.  Once in awhile I work at luxury department stores as a freelancer doing facials for a couple of brands.

Good luck!

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36 thoughts on “My Birthday = You Benefit [Giveaway!]

  1. I have to read and write articles for different companies, so yes, a lot of screen time 🙂 A freelance Esthetician sounds so cool; meeting and interacting with people daily and then giving them advice on something you love.

  2. I am currently going back to school, so I’m a student but work at a restaurant part-time! I would follow your blog by just checking it on my own but have signed up to recieve email notifications every time you put up a post! Thank you for holding giveaways when it’s your birthday- so kind of you! 🙂

  3. Hey Traci! I’m a surgical assistant! I love my job and all of the people I meet! Some are very touching people that you never forget!

  4. Hi, I’m Kathy and I work in health care as a CT/x-ray Technologist. I’m a blog “virgin” and I will be following by email.

  5. I’m a stay at home mom and I opened my own online shop selling handmade accessories and clothing. I’m just now really getting started and working on the balance of it all, but it’s all wonderful. I follow your blog through my email.

  6. Yay! Happy birthday Beautiful! 🙂 I am a part time make up consultant here on base. We are currently in AZ. I’ll be subscribing and Thank you for sharing 💕

    1. Thank you for the birthday wishes! Okay I can’t complain about my weather because yours is much hotter in the summer!

    1. Hi Heba! Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are probably very busy with school but try to enjoy it while you are there. Once work comes you’ll wish you were in school again. Ha ha

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