Makeup Brushes: Inexpensive Options and Cleanser


Good makeup brushes don’t have to be expensive or come from a department store.  Here are a few that I have as well as brush cleaner (okay, the spray brush cleaner comes from a department store!).  Starting from top left and going counter-clockwise:

Flower Beauty Foundation F02 brush can only be purchased at Wal-Mart.  The handle is very thick and the brush is dense.  Both took getting used to and I really like the brush.  I can’t find a reasonable excuse to buy another brush.  The collection has five brushes:  powder, foundation, eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lip & concealer (it’s one brush).  Prices range from $6.98 – $12.98.

Sonia Kashuk No. 24 Dense Blush/Powder brush is from Target ($17.99).  There is a big selection of brushes and brush sets to choose from.  The middle and bottom brushes in the photo are essentially the same brush.  I purchased the middle brush so I could buff my powder on to better blend my foundation (thank you Danielle for that tip!).  I liked it so much that I wanted another for my powder blush but knew with buying the same brush I might get them mixed up.  What’s a gal to do?  Why, you take advantage of the great brush sets by Sonia Kashuk where the handles have fun patterns (isn’t the bottom brush cute!).  I didn’t need the other brushes but thought they would make great gifts (you too probably have nieces that would love those extra brushes!).

Laura Mercier Brush cleanser:  I use this mostly on my eyeshadow and concealer brushes (if I wear foundation during the week I apply it with my fingers).  The only other brush cleaners that I’ve tried are by Clinique (which is decent) and Japonesque (several years ago – not sure if they have the same formula but I didn’t like the one I tried).

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo:  I use this with the pink brush scrubber for a good cleaning (see my previous post on the scrubber here).  Before I bought the brush scrubber I used my palm.  The brush scrubber does a much better job cleaning than my palm.  This type of brush cleaning should be done at least monthly.

(This post was inspired by lizalaska on Instagram)

Do you have an inexpensive (or expensive) brush that you like?  What way and how often do you clean your brushes?

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