Review: Pondang BB Cream


My skin is combo/borderline oily so I’m usually hesitant to try a new foundation or BB Cream in the summer.  But when I had the opportunity to try the Pongdang BB Cream SPF50 PA +++ from @0.8l_usa & @freshpongdang I couldn’t turn it down.  Why? Because Korean foundation and BB/CC creams are usually excellent.  This one did not disappoint.

Packaging:  the box is brown cardboard which made me think “recycling” (in a good way).  The BB Cream is housed in a white tube with a pump and lid.

BB Cream color:  I have shade 23 which is a tad dark for my fair skin but I just added a touch of moisturizer and had the perfect color.  If you have fair skin I recommend the shade 21.

The BB Cream is moisturizing but didn’t leave my skin feeling oily or even borderline oily.    I used it in place of my moisturizer.  The coverage can be medium to full, or sheered out for a natural look.  Either way the finish is flawless, evens skin tone and feels soft on the skin.


Photo:  As you can see my veins are visible.  On the bottom of the photo you can’t see them as easily because I’ve applied the BB Cream to that area to show the potential coverage.

SPF:  I love that it includes SPF50 PA +++

Free of Parabens, Phenoxyethanol, mineral oil, animal based alcohol and triethanolamine.  This has 13 natural ingredients.

Ingredients:  I’m not going to list the ingredient list because it has more ingredients than I anticipated (I’ll post it on my blog later and let you know when I do).  Titanium Dioxide is the second ingredient and includes Niacinamide.  I didn’t see alcohol listed.

I didn’t get to use it enough to confirm the claims for brightening or wrinkle improvement.  However, if you’re not getting enough moisture and hydration this may help.

Purchase?  Yes!  Currently it’s approximately $17 in USD on  I’m sure there are other websites as well.

If you’ve tried this BB Cream I’d love to hear your thoughts!  Do you have a BB Cream that you love?

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