Tata Harper Try-Me Kit



Normally I don’t like to pay for samples because they can usually be picked up at a department store such as Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus (or Sephora) at no charge.  But I’ve recently realized there are some brands that aren’t so easy to get samples and often times they have a sample/trial size kit for purchase at a reasonable price (usually these kits are on the brands website).  Some brands offer no or low shipping cost for the kit.

The Try-Me Kit on the Tata Harper website is a good example of samples that are worth the purchase.  There is a brochure (photo below on the right) that categorizes the products with descriptions.  Tata’s products are handmade in Vermont, and are 100% natural and nontoxic.


The package arrives with the kit, three additional samples that I chose and information about the company, products in the kit and “The Toxic 10” leaflet.  The price of the kit is $25 U.S. and I believe I paid $5 for shipping.  The kit gives me a chance to try many of the products to determine which will be good for winter when my skin is dry and which products are good for summer when it’s borderline oily.


Above are the samples in the kit and below are my initial thoughts.  I was able to use some of the samples several times but not long enough to know whether the claims are accurate.

#1-3 Cleansers:  Nourishing Oil, Regenerating and Purifying

#4 Hydrating Floral Essence is a toner that is on a facial towlette for the purpose of sampling (when purchased it’s in a spritz bottle).  It was okay, but this isn’t a purchase for me.

#5 Beautifying Face Oil – the sample is housed in a small bottle with a roller-ball whereas the full-size product is in a dropper bottle.  There is a store in town that carries Tata Harper so I’ll have to stop by to confirm the consistency as I think this oil may actually work for my borderline oily skin.

#6, 7 and 9 are serums and all are hydrating.  Just one of these would be sufficient for my skin without additional moisturizer as it’s currently hot and humid in my area.  #6 is the Replenishing Nutrient Complex and housed in a dropper bottle.  #7 Concentrated Brightening Serum and #9 Rejuvenating Serum are in bottles with a pump.

#8 Resurfacing Mask – Beta-hydroxy mask that detoxifies and exfoliates.  This mask dried before removal but didn’t leave my skin feeling tight.  The gel texture feels good since it’s so hot outside.  While my skin felt soft after removal I didn’t feel any of the usual tingling experienced with AHA/BHA or enzyme masks.

#10 Repairative Moisturizer – this is lightweight and pleasantly moisturizing without making my skin feel slick.  I used this today (it’s 95 degrees and humid) with no problems.  I would consider purchasing this but would try a sample of the Rebuilding Moisturizer first as it is supposed to be matte and better for oily skin.

#11 Moisturizing Mask – this is intended to be used as an overnight moisture mask.  Moisture definitely describes this well because my skin was soft and plump in the morning.  This would be a good winter mask for me personally.

#12 Restorative Eye Cream – I had no expectation of this eye cream.  The photo shows that it comes in a bottle with a pump.  So it must be lightweight and not too thick, right?  My undereye area is very dry – soaks up lotions like they’re serums.  But not this lovely eye cream.  This was the product that surprised me the most because it’s lightweight and moisturizing.  When I finish my current eye cream I will definitely consider buying this instead.

Additional Samples…


The additional three samples I received were masks – the overnight Moisturizing Mask and Resurfacing Mask (both were also received in the box), and the Purifying Mask.

I love the scent of the products which is from the natural ingredients.

Overall I liked all of the Tata Harper products and most will be best for me to use during the colder months.  If there is a product in this kit that you want to try I would highly recommend ordering this kit from the Tata Harper website.

Have you already tried Tata Harper products?  Do you have a favorite or any that didn’t work for you?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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