Cinco de Mayo with SkinPen (aka MicroNeedling)


A benefit of having a friend who’s a medical aesthetician is that I get a heads up when she’s planning a cool event.  Wendy knew when she told me she would be having an event about SkinPen on Cinco de Mayo for her VIP clients that I would have to be there!  Learning more about SkinPen and microneedling, AND mexican food?  OF COURSE!  So Thursday evening I hopped on over to University Dermatology (in Charlotte, NC) to join other clients to see Miss Wendy Andrews and the SkinPen rep (Wendy can also be found on Instagram with the name Passionforskin).  I also attended Wendy’s first SkinPen event back in November 2015 (read here).


Who is this treatment for?  All skin types.  Acne scarring, anti-aging, wrinkles, sun damage, uneven skin tone, hyperpigmentation, maintaining skin health and other concerns.  SkinPen can be used on stretch marks but the results are not guaranteed.

0505161851 (2)

What exactly is SkinPen and what does it do?  It looks like a very pretty, large bright blue pen that increases collagen production – which is good for just about every skin concern (more on the later).  Some of the buzz words are microchanneling, microneedling, micro therapy and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT).  Fancy, right?!  Call it what you like, but this pretty pen works some magic.  This treatment can be done year round – unlike some treatments (in my opinion anyway) such as chemical peels.  You’ll notice an immediate improvement in skin tone and texture, it will feel smooth and look refreshed with a healthy glow.  The changes at first are subtle with an increase in collagen production happening over time.

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The tip of SkinPen (which is changed for every treatment) is made of (gulp) needles – but they’re very fine at 32 gauge.  The reason the needles are extremely small is to enable them to penetrate through the outer layer of skin (the epidermis) to the lower layer (the dermis) by creating microscopic channels that lead to where things really happen (think collagen production).  This pretty blue pen has a control for how deep the needles go which varies by client.

0505161859a (2)

Studies show the best results are after three treatments as opposed to one.  There is an increase in collagen and elastin for 3-6 months after your last treatment and over time your skin becomes thicker (this is good).

Before and After Photosgo to University Dermatology’s website here.  They have some great photos.  

Is there any down time?  The day of the treatment your skin will be red but it will decrease over the remainder of the day.  

Can SkinPen be used if I have Botox or fillers?  Yes!  Some clients find the Botox and/or fillers last longer when having SkinPen treatments.  If you’ve had Botox the wait is at least 48 hours before SkinPen can be done and with fillers the wait is at least 2 weeks.

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At-home care:  Skinfuse is a regimen that was created specifically to be used at home after having SkinPen treatment.  “Skinfuse provides the essential skin cell nutritional requirements to optimize this process of restoring healthy cell function, while omitting ingredients proven to hinder this process.”

Price:  Varies on your area and provider – approximate cost is $325 per treatment, but usually you can save money by purchasing a set of 3 or 6.

There was plenty of food and beverage with the Cinco de Mayo theme… (soda and water for those who did not want a beverage with alcohol).

Tips for finding events in your area:  look for plastic surgeons and/or dermatologists then call to find out if they have special events and ask how you can be notified of these events (sometimes you can go to their website and sign up for emails).  Benefits of attending these events is to learn more about procedures, meet some of the staff, and they usually have special packages that night for attendees.

0505161945 (2)

The event I attended had gift bags for attendees as well as a raffle.  The gift bags included a full size product as well as many samples:

0505161955 (2)

In the raffle I won the bag for “wow” lashes with Latisse and ColorScience mascara!

0505161950 (2)

Some of you know I struggle with melasma (I call them my unwanted permanent tenants) which is sometimes called hyperpigmentation or sun spots.  I’m pretty open minded about treatment options.  During the winter I usually have several chemical peels, but I’m excited to try this because I think it will take my fight to a new level.  Don’t limit yourself to the face – remember that your neck, decollete and hands also show signs of aging!

Have you tried any treatments with the SkinPen?  I’d love to hear your feedback, or about other forms of Micro-Needling, Micro-Therapy, etc.

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