What Is A No Buy Month?


Have you ever looked at your makeup or skincare stash and thought, “I’m never going to be able to use all of these products before they go bad”?  You’re not alone.  It’s pretty common. Most product boxes and/or containers have a tiny picture of a jar with a number on it – this is how long you have to use the product after opening it before it should be discarded.  But who looks at this information and actually remembers it?  Again, you’re not alone!

The purpose of a no-buy month depends on your goal.  The weather is already quite warm in North Carolina so this will also help me determine what to put away until the fall/winter and what I can use this summer.   The bonus is that when we get our credit card statement I get to see the surprise on my husband’s face.  I don’t count my month subscription monthly beauty boxes as part of the no-buy.

During this time I’m hoping to go through my products I’ve received from beauty boxes/GWPs and separate them into makeup and skincare- natural, kbeauty and all other piles.  Perhaps in May or June I’ll have a giveaway (or a couple). Another challenge I’m giving myself is to reduce my time on social media.  It’s much too easy to pick up the phone and look at what’s going on, who has posted something new.  By doing this I hope I’ll find the extra time to do other things that I’ve put off.

There are two products that I knew I could use prior to the no-buy rules began so I went ahead and ordered them.  I needed a good hand cream (I’m low) and my under eye area needs something with Hyaluronic Acid because this area is so dry.

One way I get through the month (besides shopping my own products) is to make a list of things I think I’d like to buy.  At the end of the month I usually change my mind and end up only wanting a couple of things that I could really use.  If I do buy something during the month that’s not needed I brush it off and keep going.

The no-buy challenge also helps me with impulse buying.  I’ve learned to put some thought into which month I’m doing a no-buy because there are certain times of the year where several stores and websites have beauty events with great GWP’s, and I’m certainly not missing those!

What challenge have you given to yourself recently?  Have you ever tried a no-buy month?  Do you have any recommendations?  I’d love to hear any comments.

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8 thoughts on “What Is A No Buy Month?

  1. I wouldn’t say I do a no buy month but I’m very into impulse shopping but if I see something I want, I try to not get the item and wait until the next time I’m at the store. It gives me time to consider if I want to spend the money on the item or if I just wanted the item because it’s the “it” thing. If the item isn’t there when I go back, I chalk it up to “it wasn’t meant to be”

    1. You look young, so if you continue to do exactly what you’re doing your bank account will look very good! Or it will allow you to other things you might enjoy, like travel. Congratulations on having a plan in place.

    1. I checked out your blog – nice! If you really set your mind to it, you can do a no spend month. I have so much stuff, I could probably extend the one month! Ha ha

      1. Try setting another goal, like 2 weeks, or whatever is appropriate but will still challenge you. Then make a list during that time of what you would have purchased. You may find you no longer want those items!

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