Review: Botanic Farm [Lipstick and Primer]

IMG_0355 (2)

Last month I won products by Botanic_Farm_Malaysia on Instagram that was hosted by sbitsandbobs (her blog is  I received the Dot Art Collection CC Cushion Pink and two Real Rose Blooming Serum Lipsticks.  Now I’ve had a chance to use all three and wanted to share more information.

The Lipstick

0326160831_HDR (3)

0324162005a (2)

Housed in round tubes that are just the right size (not too skinny, not to big), this creamy lipstick has a light rose scent from rose extract and oil.  The pigment is precisely what the bullet looks like and wears really well.  As you can see in my swatch photos I wiped off the lipstick and there is still some color left on my arm.  I love a lipstick that feels so soft that I want to keep rubbing my lips together.

Dot Art Collection CC Cushion

IMG_0233 (2)

This compact is so cute!  It’s a lightweight plastic, the outside is a translucent pink and inside the cushion is pink with white polka dots.  The sponge is white on the side with the ribbon and pink on the other.  This lightweight color correcting primer gives my skin both radiance and extra hydration.  This is perfect for a day that I don’t want to use foundation.  I’m not sure if this is something I can use year round since I haven’t tried it in hot weather yet.

IMG_0250 (2)


Choose your color based on your skin tone and need.  The compacts are pink for light to medium skin tone; green helps with redness, rosacea and acne; and purple (a lavender color) brightens dull or sallow skin.  They have SPF50+ PA+++.  I didn’t see the ingredient list but I normally recommend using a sunscreen and not relying on your makeup.

IMG_0237 (2)

Launched in 2014 Botanic Farm is a Korean line with natural cosmetics.  You can purchase these products at the website for Botanic Farm.

Have you tried any products from Botanic Farm?  I’d love to hear which ones and your thoughts!

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4 thoughts on “Review: Botanic Farm [Lipstick and Primer]

    1. I also had never heard of this brand, which made it even more fun to try! I didn’t have any expectations so it was nice that I ended up liking both products.

    1. The cushion is so cute and gives my skin a hint of glow (not too glowy, just right). The darker lipstick has amazing pigment plus it’s moisturizing. I was really surprised it had both.

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