Last Day: Barneys “Love Yourself” Bag Event Spring 2016


beautybag spring 2016

Today is the last day for the Spring 2016 Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event in store and online.  It’s a great time to buy things you’ll need (a very loose term, I know!) for Spring – makeup, skincare, fragrance (including home) or grooming.  Choose a bag for women (see above) or men (below) with a $200 purchase.

For details on what’s included in each bag, see my prior post by clicking here.

beautybag spring 2016 men

I place my orders through a Sales Associate, Carolyn at 617-385-3322 (no shipping or taxes), so she can give me recommendations or answer questions.  Give her a call today if you’d like to place an order.  Tell her I said hi!  I don’t receive anything for giving her a shout out.  She’s been good to work with before so I like to pass along that information to our readers.

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