My May Lindstrom [Skincare] Experience


I’m hesitant to plunk down hard earned cash for something I haven’t tried.  My motto is to try products before buying them which usually limits me to the department stores in town that actually give samples (as well as Sephora).  I also have a contact at a Barneys (in Boston) who is great about sending samples if I ask for something.

Social media – Instagram, Pinterest, blogs – opens us not just to new skincare or makeup products but also new brands.  There are brands and specific products I see frequently that I add to my list of products I might try.  Then there are the brands/products that catch me almost immediately.

My introduction to the May Lindstrom brand was on Instagram.  It’s often described in a way that reminds me of a ritual rather than a skincare routine, an experience not just for the senses but also for the skin and soul.  When I looked at the May Lindstrom website (and you really should too!) I realized I’ve been missing out every night because I have a skincare “routine” instead of a “ritual.”  I knew I had to try her products.  They use “only the finest exotic and nutrient-rich ingredients that are sourced and harvested in a mindful and sustainable manner.”  Ingredients are organic, bio-dynamic, wild crafted and cruelty free.  The products are hand-crafted.

But May Lindstrom is not a brand carried by many stores.  After doing some research I learned that some websites have a couple of products for purchase in a mini size.  Then I found the website alyaka.  They sell a beauty box with a mini sample set for $35 (they also have beauty boxes for other brands).  While I don’t like the idea of purchasing samples, it was the best option.  One factor in my decision is an offer from alyaka:  if I purchase any May Lindstrom product within one month of the beauty box order then the $35 will be credited to my order.

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My package arrived and inside was a very nice bright pink box with a black bow.


The cute pink box contained:

  • May Lindstrom The good stuff – radiance oil:  for use on your body or hair.  The cocoa, rose, lavender and ylang-ylang are not only for the senses but also luxurious hydration.
  • May Lindstrom The youth dew – hydrating facial serum:  includes CoEnzyme Q10 and 20 plant and botanical oils for regenerating (cell function) and hydration.
  • May Lindstrom The problem solver – correcting masque:  an intense masque that purifies pores and promotes circulation while reducing inflammation.
  • May Lindstrom The clean dirt – cleansing clay:  daily exfoliator that can be used on the body in addition to the face.  
  • May Lindstrom The honey mud – gentle cleansing silk:  whether this is used as a cleanser or masque it will gently detoxify pores while leaving skin hydrated and soft.
  • May Lindstrom The blue cocoon – beauty balm concentrate:  Blue Tansy gives this balm a lovely tint and tint.  Included in this balm are Camellia Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Cacao, as well as other ingredients for hydration and nourishment.  Can also be used on the lip and eye area.
  • May Lindstrom The jasmine garden – botanical mist:  has antioxidants for protecting the skin, while other ingredients calm, reduce inflammation and encourages microcirculation.
  • Information card about the products enclosed


At first glance I didn’t think I would get more than one use from the amount of product in the samples, but I was wrong.  The products go a long way.  For example, I used about half a pea size of The Blue Cocoon and it was the right amount for my skin (combination).  It looks hard in the container but once I placed it on my fingertip it started to soften significantly almost melting.  My recommendation when mixing The Problem Solver or The Clean Dirt with water is to use a very, very small bowl (if don’t have a masque bowl) and add droplets of water (I used my fingers), mix, then add additional droplets if needed.  When mixed with water they look muddy but they’re supposed to (now I’m wishing I had taken photos!).  I loved how soft and hydrated my skin felt after using these products.

Overall I was very happy with my purchase and the products.  I would recommend the alyaka website, May Lindstrom products and the beauty box mini samples to try before you buy.  I will likely purchase The Honey Mud and The Problem solver, and possibly The Clean Dirt.

Have you tried any May Lindstrom products?  Are there any products or brands you’ve discovered that you would recommend?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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