Miss Tutii Beauty Bag Review [January 2016]

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Miss Tutii is a monthly Asian beauty subscription with a “Let’s Discover” theme.  The products are from Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries around the world.  Their first shipment was in January 2016.  They don’t have a questionaire to curate a shipment for you, but they do ask for your skin type and birth month.  I’ve been happy with my shipments so far.

There are options on what type of subscription you would like (bag, box, or just masks) and whether you’d like to go month to month or pre-pay for either 6 or 12 months.  The three options for the Miss Tutii monthly subscription:

  1. Tutiibag (see photo above) – receive 4-5 Deluxe Samples or Full Sized products of skincare, makeup, body, haircare, etc.  Price is $15 for month to month; pre-paying for 6 months is $87 (breaks down to $14.50 a month) and $168 if you pre-pay for 12 months ($14 a month).
  2. TutiiBox – receive 5-6 Full Sized or Premium Brands Samples.  $25 for monthly, $147 for 6 month pre-pay, $288 for 12 month pre-pay.
  3. TutiiMask – receive 6-8 masks per month.  Includes Sheet mask, Wash-off, Hair, and Body Masks.  $12 for monthly and $132 for 12 month pre-pay.

A couple of benefits:

  • Earn 10 TutiiPoints for each $1 you spend and can be used for purchase in the online store.
  • Earn 25 TutiiPoints for every 5 product reviews written (must be at least 100 words).
  • Received something you won’t use?  There’s a process to return the item in exchange for a Gift Card to use in their TutiiShop (there is a limit of 3 swaps per year).
  • If you are month to month you can change the type of subscription you receive.  For example if you receive a Tutiibag you can choose to change to a TutiiBox or TutiiMask.
  • Free US shipping

Each shipment includes a card with information on the products: [Brand], product name, Full Size price, what it is and how to use it.  Below is the card included in my January TutiiBag (I also received [Secret Key] Donkey Milk Berry Milk Hand Cream).


0108161746a-1 (3)

Since January was kick-off month they sent extras and had special offers for those who signed up (I think I was one of the first to sign up so I received the minis from ETUDE HOUSE).  Below is a photo of all items that were received in my January shipment.

0108161746a-1 (2)

Below is a list of the items I’ve had a chance to use so far:

[Secret Key] Donkey Milk Berry Milk Hand Cream is light yet hydrating, not too thick, and has a light scent.  I’m not very good at identifying scents and I’m not sure of the complete ingredient list, but the Miss Tutii website indicates there is Hyaluronic Acid, 3 berries and donkey milk contents.

[Tony Moly] Aqua Aura Waterful Mist – I used this after cleansing and prior to my essence.  It’s as light as you would expect and refreshing.

[Laneige] Original Essence White Plus Renew – I used this after the Tony Moly Aqua Aura Waterful Mist.  This is a nice essence that absorbs easily and doesn’t feel tacky.  I use two pumps so I can also apply it to my neck and decollete.  The consistency is similar to a very lightweight lotion.  This essence is white in color and it has a light scent.  The information card that came with my subscription box indicates I’ll have radiant skin as well as even skin tone and it will slow melanin rate.  Since it takes a while to know whether this really slows the melanin rate I’m not sure if that is accurate (at least for me).  Laneige is owned by luxury brand Amore Pacific.

[IOPE] Ideal Cleansing Foam – IOPE is also owned by luxury brand Amore Pacific.  I really liked this sample.  This cleanser foams easily when mixed with water but it didn’t strip my skin.  I would definitely consider purchasing this cleanser.

Will you be signing up for Miss Tutii?  Do you have another favorite K-Beauty Box subscriptions?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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