Hysterectomy: It’ll Do A Number On You [and Your Skin]

Lake Superior Sunset Sep 2016

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  My experience has been that sometimes we don’t know why, which can be frustrating and difficult to accept (I have a strong faith which helps me).  Then there are times when someone I know is faced with a difficult situation and while being there for them a light bulb goes off, “Um, I’ve already been through this or something similar and it prepared me to help this person.”

In the last month I’ve had a hysterectomy (I’m fine, everything is good) so I’m at home recuperating.  I’ve decided that I’m going to write about my journey and what I experience because there are other women who don’t know anyone that has been through this.  The men in their life also don’t have someone to turn to so I hope this will help them understand a little as well.

Some of you are thinking what on earth does this have to do with skincare and makeup?  Well, a lot.  I’ve had 3 organs removed (uterus and 2 ovaries) which happen to be reproductive organs and they involve hormones.  Hormones can have such a huge effect on the skin.  A few years ago my hyperpigmentation became worse and instead of spots I had splotches (melasma – which you can read a prior blog post here about hyperpigmentation).  Some women experience an increase in acne, others get very dry skin.  There’s a whole range of emotions you might go through that others don’t understand.

I had someone recommend www.hystersisters.com and it’s chock full of information for pre- and post- hysterectomy, the types of procedures, support forums, etc.  If you, or someone you know, either has or will be going through a hysterectomy let them know about this website.  They can also reach out to me.

Men:  there’s a site for you too – www.misterhystersisters.com with helpful information.  I wish I had realized this website was available for my husband before the surgery.  Lucky for me he’s been amazing – thank you to my mother-in-law (and father-in-law) for raising him to be this way.

My future posts on this subject will have “Hysterectomy” in the title and may not always involve skincare.  The other aspects that I share will involve healing from a hysterectomy which can be emotional and deals more with how we perceive ourselves.

Have you had a hysterectomy or know someone who did?  Do you have advice that you would like to share?

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9 thoughts on “Hysterectomy: It’ll Do A Number On You [and Your Skin]

      1. I didn’t really have a choice. A questionable tumor a week before Christmas. They did mine vaginally which helped with the healing time. My sister Barb had hers the year after for the same reason.
        I chose hormone replacement because I was 39. I take both oral Estroldial and use an Estring. I still have hot flashes and dry skin. The mood shifts and the migraines lessened significantly.

      2. I might ask for your feedback as I write other blog posts on this subject. Have you tried an oil to help with your dry skin?

      3. The doctors recommend amalactin… It smells horrible. My favorite at the moment is by Naked Bee Orange Blossom Line. Body lotion, face moisturizer and even hand sanitizer. At church yesterday I was told I smelt like candy…

  1. […] There’s a helpful website called HysterSisters with information for pre, during and post surgery. They also have a website called MisterHysterSisters for the men in your life that are effected. They put you in a “group” or chat room for other people having a hysterectomy the same week as you so everyone can communicate throughout the process.  There’s a little more information about the websites in my previous post here. […]

  2. Thank you for posting. I had a partial hysterectomy when I was 29 due to endo. They left my ovaries as I had a chance that they may survive. The Endo was external and internal uteral and my abdomen. I would know within four years. I was good. I am 55 and menopausal and having issues but it’s assisted by my illnesses. Everything from atrophy to terrible skin issues. Got to keep on trucking‼️‼️

    1. Hi Ronni! My apologies for just now responding. I’m glad the doctor didn’t have to go back in for the ovaries! You are so right – no matter what challenge we’re given in life we have to keep moving forward. Sometimes it’s slower than others, but nevertheless one step at a time.

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