SuperGoop! Hello, Sunshine!


I have a friend who occasionally works with Supergoop! and knows how important sunscreen is to me.  She was kind enough to give me this cute box of samples!

It may be winter but sunscreen should be used year round.  Supergoop! has products for the whole body – there’s a load of choices – and they all have Broad Spectrum coverage (which is very important).  Do you prefer a mineral sunscreen?  They have one for the face (SPF 40) AND the eyes!

Supergoop Eye Cream Sephora (2)
from Sephora’s Website

My favorite product is the Eye Cream (SPF 37).  It’s hydrating and contains mica which reflects light for those of us with dark circles (the zinc oxide also helps with diffusing dark circles).

Supergoop! can be purchased at Sephora, Dillards, Nordstrom and other retailers.  Go to the Supergoop! website to find someplace near you!

They have sets that make great gifts.

Supergoop Set Sephora (2)
from Sephora’s website

Have you tried Supergoop! products?  What are your thoughts? 


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