SkinPen II [Stimulating Collagen]

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I attended a great VIP event at University Dermatology in Charlotte last week to learn more about the SkinPen by Bellus Medical.  I like Micro-Needling (when done right and by the right professional) so this intrigued me.  Wendy Andrews, Aesthetician with University Dermatology, invited me to the event.

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The SkinPen is sometimes referred to Micro-Therapy or Micro-Needling, but it’s much more advanced than at-home rollers.  The SkinPen has twelve 32 gauge needles (they are very tiny) that go down to the dermal level and releases your own body’s natural growth factors, stimulating collagen.  How is this done?  The needles create microscopic channels into the dermal layer causing inflammation, which in turn causes the fibroblasts in your skin to talk to one another (fibroblasts are a type of cell in your skin).  They release platelets and growth factors to build collagen and elastin back up.


This procedure can be used on all skin types and on just about any area of the body.  It’s excellent on scars and can be used for smaller stretch mark areas.  There are no hyperpigmentation issues as a result of this treatment.  The procedure is performed no less than 28 days in between treatments.  3-6 total treatments are recommended, and will vary depending on your desired goal.

There was a man in attendance who said he’s had laser treatment done previously and had already had one SkinPen treatment.  He said there was no discomfort for him with the Skinpen but had quite a bit with the laser (laser treatments vary, as do your treatment goals).


The Procedure:  After a consultation, your goal is determined as well as the appropriate setting.  This is a treatment where it’s better to have more treatments and not be aggressive (being too aggressive with any treatment can cause more problems).

The SkinPen is used on clean skin and a numbing product is applied.  A serum with Hyaluronic Acid is then applied to the skin that allows the pen to glide across small sections at a time.  The entire process takes 30 minutes to an hour.


At University Dermatology they provide a five-piece kit to use at home after the procedure.  This is not a skincare regimen for long term.  It has products to use for a period after the treatment and contains ingredients to help your skin heal (there are some ingredients in products that could cause issues after a treatment like this).  The kit includes a cleanser, calming complex (for that inflammation), hydrating product, Vitamin C product and a sunscreen that is tinted and contains 21% Zinc Oxide.  The third week after the procedure is the most crucial because this is when the skin is repairing itself.

Down time:  Little to none.  Your skin may be red and feel tight for 1-4 days.  If a higher setting is used on the SkinPen for a more intense treatment there may be some flaky areas.

The SkinPen can be used with other treatments (such as Chemical Peels, lasers, injections, etc.) and is usually recommended to do the SkinPen treatment first, then wait a short time for the other treatment.  There has been feedback that the SkinPen prolongs Botox.

Price:  Varies on your area and provider – approximate cost is $325 per treatment, but usually you can save money by purchasing a set of 3 or 6.

Note:  The information above is specifically for the SkinPen and does not apply to other types of Micro-Needling, Micro-Therapy, etc.

SkinPen’s website:


Last but SO not least, the VIP’s each received a Swag Bag that contained:

Obagi cleanser, iS CLINICAL Tri-Active Exfoliant and the following ColorScience items in a clear makeup bag:  lip shine SPF35 in Rose and samples of Sheer Creme Foundation and even up Clinical Pigment Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 50

Have you tried any treatments with the SkinPen?  I’d love to hear your feedback, or about treatment considered Micro-Needling, Micro-Therapy, etc.


3 thoughts on “SkinPen II [Stimulating Collagen]

  1. […] A benefit of having a friend who’s a medical aesthetician is that I get a heads up when she’s planning a cool event.  Wendy knew when she told me she would be having an event about SkinPen on Cinco de Mayo for her VIP clients that I would have to be there!  Learning more about SkinPen and microneedling, AND mexican food?  OF COURSE!  So Thursday evening I hopped on over to University Dermatology (in Charlotte, NC) to join other clients to see Miss Wendy Andrews and the SkinPen rep (Wendy can also be found on Instagram with the name Passionforskin).  I also attended Wendy’s first SkinPen event back in November 2015 (read here). […]

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