Makeup Brush Cleaning Made Easier



Clean makeup brushes are very important, I know this.  It helps to keep my makeup free of  bacteria, as well as keeping my skin clear of break outs.  Yet it can be one of those tasks that I don’t think about it until it’s just the wrong timing (like when they won’t have time to dry properly for the next time I use them).  My process is:  wet the brushes, use baby shampoo and swirl them around in my palm (having to rinse my hand in between each brush), rinse, blot them with a clean towel, then lay them flat to dry.


I was given the opportunity to use a tool that makes cleaning makeup brushes easier.  It’s called the Scrub Shell and this little guy is very cool.  The Scrub Shell is a makeup brush cleaner that is made out of FDA Approved food Grade Silicone.  The shape of the Scrub Shell and the silicone make it easy to hold.  If you prefer not to hold it on the outside it’s conveniently hollow with a hole in the bottom so you can slide in a finger or two for stability.  On the outside there are two sections to use for cleaning.  There is a small section at the top with knobs that are good for lathering the bristles, and there are grooves below that give your brushes a thorough cleanse.


The Scrub Shell is compact making it easy to store and take with you when traveling.  If you’re looking for a way to easily clean your brushes I recommend purchasing the Scrub Shell.

Danielle is a makeup artist so I had her give it a go and she was very impressed.   She specifically mentioned it does a bang up job of getting brushes really clean and makes cleaning them a breeze.  I think she’s holding it hostage because I have yet to see it again.


While I received the product for free to use in exchange for an honest review, my opinion is 100% mine and not influenced by the seller (and really there are two opinions included in this post).  This is a really neat product and if you’re interested in purchasing this product it’s available on Amazon at this link.

Price:  $10.95

Colors:  Pink, Purple, Yellow, Black and Blue

This would make a great gift or stocking stuffer.  The price is definitely right!

Have you tried the Scrub Shell or something similar?  What are your thoughts or experience?  Comment below!


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