So What’s the Hype about Beauty Box [and Other] Monthly Subscriptions?


Have you considered a beauty box subscription but just don’t know where to start or which are worth it?  You’re not alone.   There are a lot of options – full size products, sample size, all-natural, luxury, drugstore, etc. I’m going to share some information on the subscriptions I’ve had and others that I’ve heard about.

What They Are
Beauty Box subscriptions usually include 4-5 sample or full size products, and sometimes there is a combination of both. Prices begin at less than $10 and deliveries can be monthly, quarterly, etc.  I really like this concept.  You may also like this idea if you love trying out new products but prefer to sample first (it gets expensive to buy products only to find they don’t work or aren’t the right color!).

Beauty box subscriptions are delivered in various ways.  Brown box, bright pink box, a round box, brightly colored envelope, etc.  For me it’s exciting to receive these shipments.  The fun of coming home to a package and the excitement of opening it is like a holiday or birthday.  But now there is no excuse (or holiday) required.


The Boxes I’ve Tried
I’ve tried three beauty subscriptions that send full size products.  All three happened to be the first three subscriptions that I’ve tried.  My first subscription was the Test Tube from New Beauty, the second was GlossyBox and third was Julep (Maven Box).  Julep boxes contain items of their own brand.  They have good nail polish and I like the eyeliner I received.  I received good products from all three subscriptions.  I realized that subscriptions with full size products are not for me because I love to try new things and finishing a full size product takes too much time – so samples or travel size are better for me.

A few items I've received as full size products and use.
A few items I’ve received as full size products and use.

There are two subscriptions I’ve tried that provide sample size products:  Birchbox (read prior reviews here, here and here) and Ipsy (read prior reviews here and here).  With both beauty box subscriptions you complete a few questions and they send five items every month based on this information.  Some months I like everything, some months 2-3 items.  There is always at least one item I’ve either never heard of or I’ve wanted to try.    So far I’ve been happy with both subscriptions.

Birchbox August 2015
Birchbox August 2015
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2015
Ipsy Glam Bag August 2015

A Few I Haven’t Tried
There are also beauty boxes from Target ($7), Walmart ($5) and Sephora Play! ($10).  Sephora’s first box was September, 2015.  I tried to sign up last weekend but there’s a wait list (I can’t say that I was surprised).  It should be interesting to see how long it takes to receive an email letting me know there’s an opening (I’m not expecting it to be anytime soon, I’m sure the wait list is long).

Other Types of Monthly Subscriptions
When I first began writing a draft about Beauty Box subscriptions I decided to do a little research and learned that Beauty Boxes are not alone.  There are ALL KINDS of subscription boxes.  Reading, food, pets, fitness, etc. – even one called PeriodBox (in the UK) that sends you things for your “monthly” to help you pamper yourself (chocolate, tea, etc).  You can probably do a search for whatever your interest is and include “subscription” and/or “box,” I’m sure you will get some results.  I tried yoga which yielded multiple options for subscription boxes.  And all of these boxes are fun.

Do Some Research
If you are considering a subscription I would recommend doing a little bit of research and looking for reviews of the brand you are considering. This way you will have idea of what type of products are sent each month. There are several blogs that write specifically about monthly subscription boxes.  There are two that I’ve found very interesting as they both have extensive lists of monthly subscription boxes as well as reviews.

The first blog, Bits and Boxes, has a list of subscription boxes to which she currently and previously has had subscriptions.   Her list includes Owl Crate (receive a newly released young adult book plus related extras like jewelry, bookmarks, accessories, etc.), Simple Loose Leaf (loose leaf teas), Loot Crate (gamer gear including T-shirts and collectibles), and Barkbox (products, toys, treats, etc. for your dog).

The second blog, My Subscription Addiction, also has an extensive list of monthly boxes for subscription.  For example, the “Surprise My Pet” box sends toys, treats, etc. monthly for your pet.  There’s also Burke Box (home decor), Love and Blessed (faith based), and Comic Block (T-shirt/3 comic books/ collectible monthly).

As for me, I will keep my beauty boxes.

What is your experience with subscription boxes?  Are there any that you recommend or didn’t care for?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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