5 Days of Relaxation – My Trip with (Almost) No Plans

View from our hotel room in Copper Harbor, MI on Lake Superior
View from our hotel room in Copper Harbor, MI on Lake Superior

Have you taken a vacation and gone somewhere with (almost) no plans?  I just spent five days in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (aka the U.P.) with my father and we didn’t have much planned.  I did have to purchase a plane ticket ahead of time, and it’s the season for foliage so hotel reservations were a must for Saturday and Sunday nights.  We spent five days driving around the U.P. with the only time restraints of those hotel reservations and my flight home on Wednesday.  At times we were in areas where we didn’t have phone reception, including one of those hotels.  Returning from my trip I explained to my husband that I’m in a different place.  A place where I’m feeling relaxed, not rushed, and don’t want to spend energy stressing about undeserving things.

This vacation was a reminder of the importance of taking time to decompress and relax.  Life can be stressful and we all need even a little something to help us relieve some stress.  Whether you take ten minutes or an hour to do something for yourself isn’t important.  It’s important that you just do it.

Some suggestions I have are to silence your phone, ask your family to respect that this is your time and choose something that helps you unwind – a hot shower, reading before bed, prayer, watching your favorite show with no interruptions (HGTV anyone?), time for your skincare (it should be a ritual, not a chore), whatever.  It can be anything.  You get the point.

Our blog is about beauty and my recent experience definitely relates.  Too much stress is bad in many ways – including the way it reflects in your skin.  So do yourself and loved ones a favor by making some “me” time as everyone will benefit.  After doing it for a few days (and setting those boundaries) everyone will remember not to disturb you and you get to relax even more.

I’d love to hear about a trip you’ve taken with (almost) no plans, what you do to relax, and  suggestions about getting the family on board.


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