A Review: Lipstick Queen Vesuvian Liquid Lips in Vesuvian Candy


I received a full size tube of Lipstick Queen’s Vesuvian Liquid Lips in Vesuvian Candy (see swatch below) in my Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Bag event (see prior blog post here).


The tube turns to dispense the product but it doesn’t click like similar products (think Touche Eclat) so you only need to turn it just a touch to dispense enough product.  Turning more than that would probably dispense too much.


The formula contains peppermint oil which feels fresh but (for me) not enough for plumping just enough that I can feel it.  It’s creamy and has very good coverage.  It doesn’t last like an all day liquid lipstick, which I prefer because those tend to feel dry.  The reason may be because the first ingredient is jojoba oil.  There is a light, fresh mint scent.  I would definitely consider purchasing this product if I wanted a lipstick with this formula and a brush applicator.

Have you tried Lipstick Queen’s Vesuvian Liquid Lips or another brand’s version?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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