Fall 2015 Beauty Event Updates – Neiman Marcus and Barneys

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Tote Fall 2015
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Tote Fall 2015
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Step Up Gift Fall 2015
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Step Up Gift Fall 2015

The Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Fall 2015 began yesterday online and in stores on Thursday 9/10/15.  It runs through 9/20/15.  My previous post with details of the Neiman Marcus event are here, beauty gifts by brand are listed here and photos that I took of some of the actual gifts are here.  Minimum purchase is $125.

Barneys Love Yourself Fall 2015 Event
Barneys Love Yourself Fall 2015 Event

The Barneys New York Love Yourself Event Fall 2015 begins today online and in stores and runs through 9/13/15.  My previous post with details for the event are here.  Minimum purchase is $200.  As you can see from the photo below there is a bag for women and a bag for men, each having different products.  You can choose which one you would like.

Photo from Barneys Website
Photo from Barneys Website

Both events have a store gift with purchase, and most lines have their own beauty gift with purchase.  Some beauty lines have a gift with minimum purchase plus a step-up gift if you spend a certain dollar amount.  ** Please note – check with your store to confirm what they have for gifts if you’re interested in a particular line.  Sometimes they vary.

If you’re uncertain as to what you want to purchase my recommendation is to speak with a Sales Associate at a store.  If you don’t know one, ask someone you know for a recommendation.  I also know of good Sales Associates at both stores and do not benefit from the referrals (my orders are already placed).

While we’re on the subject of Gifts With Purchase, I’ve run across two good blogs that specialize in GWP’s:  GWP Addict  and I Can GWP.

Are you planning on making a purchase for the Neiman Marcus or Barneys Beauty Events, or perhaps a Gift With Purchase at another store or website?  What types of products do you tend to purchase during beauty events (if there is any rhyme or reason!)?  If it’s another store/website I’d love to know which one – this will help me for future posts and I always like to know what else is going on.  Which beauty gifts above interest you?  Are there any that you’d like to see?


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