Barneys “Love Yourself” Beauty Event Fall 2015



Barneys New York “Love Yourself” Beauty Event

Dates:  9/9-13th

Where:  In Store and Online

Qualifier:  Purchase of $200


This is a follow up to a post that included tips about the upcoming Beauty Events (read here), one being Barneys of New York.

  •  A big thank you to my friend Carolyn Barber at Barneys in Boston for the photo of the items in the Fall 2015 beauty bag.  If you need some help call her at 617-385-3322


  • The bags are a felt texture.  One has “Beauty” embroidered in pink that is filled with products for women and there is a bag with “Handsome” in blue for men.  The bags I’ve received in the past are good quality and sturdy.
  • I can’t stress enough – the bags will sell out!  If you know what you want then reserve your bag by doing a presale with a Sales Associate at the store.  This reserves your bag as well as the products that you plan on purchasing for the event.  Your credit card will be charged a day or two before the event begins and you can drop by to pick it up on the first day of the event or have it mailed to you (free!).
  • The Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event is semi-annual.  You receive a travel beauty bag that is STUFFED with goodies when you spend a minimum of $200.  Some of the items are full size.  Each brand also has their own gift with purchase.
  • I found an early list of products that look to be included in the women’s bag on another blog, “I can GWP” (link is below).  It looks pretty accurate.   The blog also lists the various brands and their individual Gift with Purchase.  For example, (per the other blog I’m referencing and the link is below) the brand Chantecaille, with any $200 purchase, you receive Tote with faux cils mascara (0.14 oz), Rose de mai cream (0.5ml), rose eye makeup removal – as well as the Barneys beauty bag.  *** Please note, you should check with someone at Barneys to verify which brands have their own gift, the minimum purchase amount, and what is included in the brand’s gift.
  • The blog with the lists is “I can GWP” and the link is here.

Happy shopping!


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