Beauty Gifts by Brand [Neiman Marcus Fall 2015 Beauty Event]



As a follow up to my post the other day about the Neiman Marcus Fall 2015 Beauty Event (read here) I’ve located a list of the beauty gifts listed by brand.  The photos are from a brochure I acquired when I stopped by the store.  Tomorrow evening I’m attending the “Beauty FaceTime Event” in Charlotte where you can have your makeup done and a professional photographer will take your photo so you can use it for networking (you receive one photo at no charge!).  Of course there are also “Sips and Bites.”  If you’re not in Charlotte, NC then check Neiman’s website here and scroll to the bottom, select “Store Locations & Events” and select your location for events.  They’re a lot of fun!  It’s a great time to do a presale.


What’s a presale?  You choose which items you want to purchase for the Beauty Event (begins September 10th) and choose the bag color you want, and the Sales Associate puts it aside for you to pick up on or after September 10th.  They don’t charge your credit card until a day or two before the Beauty Event officially begins.

Keep in mind that the beauty gifts are in addition to the Neiman Marcus Tote bag that includes beauty and fragrance samples with a $125 purchase.  So…the minimum purchase for the Bobbi Brown gift is $125, which is the same amount as the Neiman’s gift.  Therefore, you receive both when spend $125 in Bobbi Brown products.  Win!

Now for the gift list!  I apologize they are not more clear.  For this reason I wasn’t able to make them any larger.  When I attend the Event tomorrow evening I’ll try to get photos of the gifts!






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