Tips for the 2015 Fall Beauty Events

Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Fall 2015
Neiman Marcus Beauty Event Fall 2015

September is a BIG month for beauty events.  In particular, Neiman Marcus and Barneys New York.  They have their big beauty events twice a year and they’re by far my favorite.  Why not stock up when the Gift With Purchase is huge?  Here are a few tips:

1.  I take this time to think about the season ahead and what I’ll need.  I use different products in the summer and winter so September is a good time to purchase my winter products.  Foundation, lip gloss, moisturizer, sunscreen, body products, etc.

2.  If you have a particular brand you’re loyal to they most likely have a Gift With Purchase (GWP) IN ADDITION to the store’s GWP.  For example, at Neiman Marcus the brand Estee Lauder has a GWP of $100 in Estee Lauder products for their upcoming event.  The gift?  Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting Mascara and Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in Desirable (both are good products).

3.  These offers are in store or online.  But, I recommend…

4.  Work with a Sales Associate at a store.  Don’t have a store nearby?  Ask someone you know for a recommendation.  I have contacts at both and can make a recommendation if you’d like – I receive no benefits for referrals to my Sales Associates (SA).  Another option is to call the store and speak with the person who works for the brand you like.  A good SA will learn about your preferences, skin type, etc. and makes recommendations (if you want them).  BONUS:  They take care of their customers.   I have a Neiman’s nearby but not Barneys.  My contact at Barneys is in Boston, I’m in North Carolina.  If I’m interested in trying a foundation she sends a couple of samples for me to choose a color.  There are many benefits to working with an SA but I will stop here on that subject.

5.  Beauty bags tend to sell out so I recommend doing a pre-sale with a store.  If the beauty bag comes in different colors then one color will sell out first.  So reserve your bag with an SA to ensure you don’t miss out!

6.  If you are near a store find out what other beauty events are going on during this time (this can be a good excuse to have a girls trip!).  Many brands have makeup artists come in to show customers the latest trends and the best way for you to personally wear that trend.  These particular events vary by store.  They’re fun to attend because there’s a lot of “buzz” – it’s busy, there’s usually beverages and/or snacks, there are many things going on at once.

7.  Schedule an appointment for a skin care or makeup consultation.  If you go into a store during a Beauty Event you might not be able to just walk up and have someone spend a lot of time with you.  It will depend on the day of the week and the time you go in.

Do you have any recommendations or have a favorite Beauty Event?


5 thoughts on “Tips for the 2015 Fall Beauty Events

  1. Whenever I “try” a product or have an S/A put a sample of a foundation on me, I head outside before making the purchase. I need to see what the makeup looks like in natural light. That is one big issue I have with beauty events in general. I’ve been made over to look like a clown–to look very much unlike me. I know what I like and–this is important–I know what looks great on me. I am my own consultant! Don’t mean to sound flip–I’ve made many “bad” purchases when I was younger that at my sage age, I take full responsibility for my beauty!

    1. Catherine I pretty much know what works for me as well. It can be really frustrating when someone does your makeup and it’s completely NOT something you would wear. When I find an SA I know I can trust then I’m loyal to them.

      1. Right??? My local Nordie’s Lancome had the greatest S/A of all time –all time!!! Unfortunately, she moved out of the countryand I’ve yet to find an S/A equal to her!!

      2. I’m so glad you respond because I love hearing the opinions of others. Sometimes I learn other perspectives that are very helpful.

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