An Update on ‘About’ Me

This blog was created just over two years ago.  While we (Danielle and I) want to have fun with the blog we also want to be more committed to content and blogging.  So this is a great opportunity to revisit what I want my contributions to include, the look of the blog (which is currently under construction), and share my plans.

My vision for this blog has not changed, it remains the same:  to share knowledge and for this blog to serve as a resource to encourage you, the reader, to find what works for you (skincare or makeup).

My content will be informational pieces (like my current series on hyperpigmentation, read Part 1 here and Part 2 here) as well as some product reviews.  I want to learn more about my readers and what you want by getting your feedback, letting me know if there’s a product you love/hate (in particular if I’ve just given my opinion!), telling me what you could use more information/education on, etc.  One thing (of many!) I’ve learned is that I may not love a product, but that product may be great for someone else.  For this reason if a product doesn’t work for me I’ll write about it, but will keep in mind that chances are someone reading my post might like the product.  People who know me ask for my opinion because they know I’m going to be honest.  I’d like to keep it that way.

I have a Monday-Friday office job working with insurance.  My passion is skincare, makeup and sunscreen.  I’m a licensed Esthetician and do freelance work performing facials at a luxury retail store.  Once in a while I receive a few products as gratis (ie:  free) and am thankful that I get to choose which products I want.  This relates back to honesty.  My good reviews on a product are truly my opinion and not influenced by a brand or person.

The blog has been such a good learning curve.  The expectation I placed on myself when we started the blog was (I now realize) not realistic.  For example, I wanted to know what all the ingredients are in a product, their function, etc.  My background is not in chemistry or science so I’ve realized that educating myself on these things takes much longer than I would like.  So my plan is to be a little easier on myself and continue to learn as I go, with a little help from you, the reader.


One thought on “An Update on ‘About’ Me

  1. Hello Traci,

    I like your blog. 🙂
    Tag, tagline and theme are wonderful.
    And you write well. I appreciate your zeal to learn about the product’s chemistry.

    I might not be able to give you feedback on your products but would keep popping in every now and then to wish you good day, hopefully. 🙂

    I thank you for your visit and kind feedback. Looking forward to more discussions,

    Anand 🙂

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