What a Red Lip will do… By Danielle M. 

Model Danielle M.

Go from plain Jane to fabulous with one simple product red lipstick. A great way to dress up any simple makeup look is to wear a beautiful red lipstick. Red lipstick is a great product to have in your beauty collection. It’s a simple quick way to go from drab to fab in a matter of seconds. The key is finding the right shade of red that fits you and your personality. I find reds that have more of a blue tone pop best against my skin. Of course the best way to find a good match for you is to make a trip to a department store and visit with an artist at your fav counter to have them help you find the perfect match. A good rule of thumb is to select a color that makes you teeth look whiter. Be careful as some reds can make your teeth look yellow! Maybe you don’t want to go for lipstick because it’s too much pigment for you. You can go for a sheer version of red or a gloss so that there is transparency with the color and no commitment to dramatic pigment. Pictured here I’m wearing shu uemura lip liner in RD 192 over my entire lip to create a base for the remaining products to adhere to. I then applied Laura Gellers Love Me Dew Moisturizing Lip Crayon in “Cranberry Glaze” and Clinique’s Chubby Stick Intense in “Mightiest Maraschino” and finally I used a little of Bobbi Brown’s Lip Liner in “Dark Chocolate” to blend the edges a bit. I don’t like for my lip color to look as if it is spilling off of my lips. Always make sure your lips are hydrated and exfoliated to ensure a smooth flawless lip look and even use a lip brush to help get precise application..


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