Beauty On Location (Smokey Eyes)

Model Katie

The Smokey Eye is a trend that will never go out of style! I receive this request the most, “I want to do a smokey eye, but I’m scared I’ll look like someone punched me!” I’d like to share with you some tips and techniques for achieving the smokey eye or a sultry look.

I would first suggest the use of an eye shadow base you want to ensure all your hard work will stay in place.  Start off with a dark cream shadow. This will give you the intensity and depth you desire with minimal effort and zero “fallout”.  Apply the cream shadow to the eye lid starting as close as you can get to your eyelashes. Blend it across the eye lid (eye-ball) and up to the crease with your finger or synthetic eye shadow brush. You can layer a shimmer shadow on top of the cream shadow for a bit of sparkle and fun!

If you have brown eyes go for colors like plums and greens. Blue eyes can go for dark brown (bark) colors while layering gold toned shadows on top. Green eyes can go for plums, eggplant hues.

Next blend in the crease area with an eye shadow two shades darker than your skin tone.  Finish with a highlight color under the brow appropriate to your skin tone. I’d suggest staying with colors that have minimal to no shimmer. Line the eye with a gel or liquid liner for intensity and staying power. Apply lots and lots of mascara or wear a pair of faux lashes to be fancy and finish the smokey eye look!

For cheeks and lips keep colors light and subtle you don’t want to give the people too much fabulousness at one time!

On Katie’s eyes we used medium to Dark Long-Wear Eye Base, Heather Steel Cream Shadow Stick (lid),  Black Plum  Shimmer Shadow (lid on top of shadow stick), Blonde Shadow (brushed into the crease), Twilight Shimmer Gel Eye Liner, and lots of Smokey Eye Mascara all products by Bobbi Brown.


4 thoughts on “Beauty On Location (Smokey Eyes)

    1. You can do it Urvi!! Use colors that aren’t super dark but “look” warm and sultry when you see it!! This way you can work your way into a “full on” smokey eye. Katie in the picture was my model for this look!! Thanks for taking the time to comment on my post..

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