Beauty On Location (Bridal Beauty)

Bridal season is upon us! Whether your currently planning your nuptials, or planning for what will be one day, I want to share 4 tips to help you select a makeup artist for your special day! Yes, I fully encourage you to hire a makeup artist and hair stylist for your wedding day. It will make your day easier and more enjoyable. Who wants to fuss with their hair and makeup on one of the single most important days a lady can have! It will also help bring a cohesiveness to your wedding party.

1) Select an artist that puts you at ease! You are probably going to be nervous. It’s important to surround yourself with vendors who have amazing calming energies!

2) Go with an artist that listens to your wants and needs to give you the best “you” possible!

3) Have a consultation with the artist. Your wedding look shouldn’t be a shot in the dark, you should know what your going to look like and have the artist to deliver that  for you.

4) Select an artist you trust. Sometimes brides have an idea in their head that they’d like to try but aren’t sure if it’s going to be the best look for them. Everything isn’t for everybody! You should be able to consult your artist and trust that they will do what’s best for you and do what makes you look great!

Model Kim F.

Kim the blushing bride pictured above was airbrushed. Her reception was outside and we needed long wearing flawless makeup. We went for a bit more defined eye with emphasis on her outer corners to play up her awesome lashes. The lashes are extensions professionally applied days before.

What do you look for when you’ve trusted someone to help you look your best?


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