Tips for Radiant Skin on Your Wedding Day – by Traci Drury

Preparation for your big day doesn’t just include planning your wedding and reception.  Every bride wants to look her best and have radiant skin.  Putting in at least a little effort with your skincare will pay off because the condition of your skin may change the look of your makeup (good or bad).  Here are some tips for your skin from head to toe.

woman-919047_1920 (2)
1.  Begin at least 6 months ahead, earlier if possible.  This includes consulting a facialist/aesthetician for facials, peels or a skincare regimen, or a doctor for fillers or botox and treatments for concerns like scarring, hyperpigmentation, etc.  This way you will know how your skin will react when you have the treatment closer to your big day.  Click here for a prior post on choosing a cleanser and here for a simple skincare routine.
2.  Waxing, as well as any treatment, should be done 10-14 days prior to avoid swelling, redness and breakouts.
3.  Exfoliate from head to toe.  I love the Clarisonic brush for all skin types because it has brushes for sensitive or acneic skin.  If you prefer a scrub and have sensitive skin try an enzyme powder.  Tatcha and AmorePacific have good options.  Otherwise use a product with micro beads as opposed to ground up nuts or shells as they can cause irritation and possibly damage the skin.  Think gentle.  For the body use a loofah or body scrub made with salt or sugar.
4.  Moisturize from head to toe, and use a moisturizer with sunscreen for day.
5.  Drink plenty of water consistently.  It hydrates the skin, flushes toxins from the body, and improves circulation and blood flow.
6.  Avoid salty foods a week before which can contribute to puffiness.
7.  Don’t neglect your neck and decollete as your gown will likely show these areas as well.  This area is often neglected but it’s really an extension of the skin on your face.
8.  If you don’t have a professional pedicure then at least use a tool (pumice stone, foot file, etc.) to scrub and apply foot cream before bed.  Put on cotton socks to allow absorption.
9.  Don’t forget your smile!  Either consult a dentist for a pro treatment or use something over the counter. Again, start six months beforehand in case there is any sensitivity.  For over the counter I use Crest WhiteStrips.
10.  Use lip balm several times a day to avoid chapped lips (here is a prior post on lip balm).  Your lipstick will look much better this way!

Additional tips if you struggle with acne:
1.  If you already have it under control with a regimen then I do not recommend any changes.
2.  If it’s not under control see a dermatologist or start a new regimen as early as possible to see how your skin reacts.
3.  You’ve heard this many times, but do not pick at your face.  It may cause scarring and infection which makes the pimple worse and takes longer to go away.
4.  Don’t touch your face for any reason.  We touch our face more than we realize, including using our hand to rest our chin.

Do you have any questions, tips or suggestions?  If you do, please comment below!


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