Summer Essentials for the Beach or Pool – by Traci Drury

If you’re in the states then you know summer has arrived.  Here in the south the temperature is unusually hot, the days are longer (everywhere) and there’s more exposure to the sunlight.  A few items that I think are essential for summer are: sunscreen (read a prior post about sunscreen here), a big hat, sunglasses, and a cover-up (if you’re a sun avoider you might want to add an umbrella to the list).  If you don’t see any cover-ups at the store that you like then be creative and have some fun choosing an alternative.  You can use a cute linen button up or a maxi dress.  My recommendation for a good hat is one that is tightly woven and you can’t see light coming through (I hold it up to the light in the store and if nothing comes through then it’s a winner).  I LOVE polarized sunglasses with UV protection because they significantly reduce the glare of the sun and enhance the colors you see.  Sounds to me like it’s time to shop!



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