I Love Mascara! By Danielle Maddox


I love mascara… that is the long and short of it.  If I was trapped on a deserted island and for some strange reason needed makeup, mascara would be my number one have to have item.

Now when it comes to mascara types that I enjoy there have been a few I’ve been privelaged to use that I have purchased repeatedly and for a makeup artist, that says a lot!  A trick I enjoy doing with my mascara is to layer it.  Meaning I wait for my first coat to completely dry, and before I am finished with my makeup look I add one more coat of either the same mascara formula or opt for another to get mega results on my lash look.  Yes, lashes can have a look!

If you like definition and length for your lashes…

I enjoy a light weight mascara first for definition and separation.  I layer another mascara to acheive volume.  Some of my favorite defining mascara’s are Chantecaille’s Faux Cil Mascara, and Bobbi Brown’s Intensifying Long Wear Mascara (which I like to call the spanx of mascara).  Intensifying Long Wear Mascara has a tiny brush that does a great job of applying product seamlessly at the base of the lash while separating your lashes.  The formula is great at holding the “curl” of your lash.  Faux Cil Mascara from Chantecaille is a gel formula based with Rose Water allowing for great definition with no clumping and is super friendly to the actual lash itself, hydrating and conditioning your lashes while you wear it.  Faux Cils is even formulated with a growth serum so with use it will help to improve the overal natural length and fullness of  our lashes!

If you like volume and length…

To plump up lashes I like to finish with either Estee Lauders “More Than Mascara”, YSL’s “Volume Effect Faux Cils”, Bobbi Brown’s “Smokey Eye Mascara” or Loreal’s” Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara”.  Estee Lauders “More Than Mascara” is an “oldie but goodie”, it does a great job of coating the lash and builds well on top of another formula of mascara.  The reason I truly enjoy this formula is that it does hydrate the lash.  I pause to explain, b/c you are probably wondering why it is even remotely important for an eye lash to hydrate.  Mascara can reak havock on your eyelashes!! They can dry them out, and in some instances encourage them to fall out.. YIKES!! It’s important to find a formula that loves and respects your lashes.  The more aggresive formulas work well layered on top, but prehaps I can suggest using a formula more lash friendly underneath.  Bobbi Brown’s “Smokey Eye Mascara” has a nice dense pigments so it gives the lashes an intense look with just one coat, so you in can imagine if you layer this beauty the sultriness one can achieve with her lashes.  YSL’s Faux Cil Mascara has always been a favorite and  it is an all around great volumizing mascara, it goes on clean and smooth and builds beautifully to create a full lash look without clumping.  Loreal’s Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara is a “kit” favorite of mine.  As a working makeup artist I go through mascara like water, so I am always on the hunt for a good drug store brand that I can pick up in a pinch but won’t strain my pockets.  The formula is silky, glides on effortlessly and stays put!  I enjoy the waterproof formula best, for my brides of course!

Who knew so much could be said about mascara and eyelashes!  Behind eye brows, your lashes bring your look together.. I’ve talked your head off long enough about eye lashes!! I hope this helps you find a formula that’s just right for you.  As always, these are my opinions take them as you will to make informed decisions and be an educated buyer.  However you never truly know until you buy and try for yourself.. Everything don’t work the same for everybody!!!


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