E.L.F. Essential Lipstick and Lip Balm Tint Review

It seems like almost everywhere I read an opinion or review on e.l.f. products the person absolutely loves the products.  I have a few that I like (the liquid eyeliner for one) but I recently purchased two items that I just don’t like:  the Essential Lipstick in Classy and Essential Lip Balm Tint in Grapefruit.  If I’m paying $1 for a lipstick or $2 lip balm I am not expecting to be wowed by the packaging.  I did read a lot of complaints about the cheap packaging.  Well…what were you expecting for the price?  In my last article (read here) I talked about being able to trust reviews.

The Essential Lipstick had comments like it’s creamy, moisturizing, and not slippery.  The lipstick has a sweet scent which some liked and some did not.  There was one comment (which I didn’t see until after I made the purchase) that the lipstick is waxy and hard to apply.  I am in agreement about the scent and the latter comment but not the others.  At first I thought perhaps I’m expecting too much as I’m used to high end lipsticks that are very creamy, but then I remembered I have a drugstore lipstick that I love (which will be my next post).  The lipstick has minimal shine.  I used a tissue to wipe off the outside of the lipstick itself hoping it had a coat of wax but it didn’t help.

Elf lip products watermark

The Lip Balm Tint is in a compact jar so it’s convenient.  The color is sheer but you can build it by layering the balm.  It’s not quite moist enough and it’s kind of thick but it does have some staying power.  If you decide to try this balm my recommendation is to layer it over another lip balm to seal in the moisture.

Maybe at some point I’ll give in and try one of their Studio lipsticks.  For now I’ll stick to the eyeliner.

So what are your thoughts?  Do you agree or disagree with my opinions?  What has been your experience with e.l.f. products?  When you purchased something in the past based on a review were you disappointed or had a great experience, and was this review from someone you were familiar with?


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