Ahh – The Frustration of Product Reviews – by Traci Drury

Recently I purchased a couple of products based on great reviews and they turned out to be not as “wonderful” as I was expecting (I am preparing my next post about these products).  I was actually quite disappointed because the items were cheap and I really wanted to love these products.


This experience was a good reminder for me as a blogger to stay true to my original intention of being honest (whether good or bad).  How can I educate and empower readers if you don’t know whether I’m telling you my true, unbiased opinion?  I don’t expect you to agree with everything I write as everyone has their own opinion.


While I began this blog wanting to focus on skincare, this process has allowed me to learn more about myself.  You won’t find me posting makeup how-to’s but I’m definitely like the girlfriend who will tell you what I love right now or what I don’t.  Some of my posts will be product specific.


My reviews will be either a product I’ve purchased or from a sample I’ve tried.  Unfortunately I do not have access to drugstore samples so you will find most of my reviews are from department store or luxury store brands.  I’m not sponsored by any brands and do not have any products given to me for testing.  I perform facials as a freelancer and from time to time receive products of my choice as gratis.  I’m thankful to be able to choose which products I receive because I know they are products I like and will use, or want to try.


My bottom line recommendations for purchasing products based on reviews:

* Don’t use one resource.  Yesterday I was considering the purchase of a lipstick from a new (and hyped) line that is not in my area for me to personally test before buying.  This lipstick (and brand) had lots of great reviews from bloggers, on IG, and a few store websites.  Some of the store websites also had negative and so-so reviews which was telling to me.  I decided not to make the purchase and it turns out a friend confirmed this was a good decision.

* When you find a blogger or someone on a social website such as IG that posts good and bad reviews, follow that person so you can see their other reviews and you’ll learn whether or not you can trust them to be honest.

* Use store sites (Nordstrom, Sephora, etc.) and websites such as makeupalley.com as resources as well.

* If the product involves color (like lipstick), search for swatches on the web and look at several sites.  If the photos are of the blogger wearing the lipstick then you have no idea how it will look on you.  Why?  Because of the pigment in your lips.  If she has a good amount of pigment and you have very pale lips the lipstick will not look the same.

Do you know of anyone trustworthy on IG, FB or a blogger?  Have any recommendations on what helps you determine who you can trust?  Had a bad/good experience based on a review you read?  I’d love your comments on any of the above, or your opinion on what I’ve written.


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