It only takes a few…

As a new mother I reminisce fondly of the days when I could spend 20 minutes or more doing my makeup.  However that is not the case these days. I have roughly 10 minutes to make a full face happen and some days I may not even have that! I find that having a few different foundation formulas to choose between helps makes it easier to get ready without sacrificing the quality of my finished look.

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Some of my personal favorites are from Bobbi Brown.. of course (insert cheesy grin here).  As a woman of color I find that her foundations offer a beautiful dimension to the face, where as some other brands can leave you looking dull and flat.  I like to work between the Skin Foundation Stick by Bobbi Brown, the Long – Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation, and a mineral makeup from a private label brand called Meili, which means “beautiful” in Chinese that is similar to Bare Minerals.  Believe it or not I have NEVER tried Bare Minerals, perhaps I’m missing out… The mineral makeup is my absolute fav it covers well looks smooth and gives my skin a healthy glow, since it’s a powder “I dust and go”!  The stick foundation is my next go to b/c I can “stripe it on” much like warrior face paint and blend it in with the tool of my choice and I’m done.  Last but certainly not least is the compact foundation that offers nice full coverage if applied with a sponge, or a medium coverage if using a foundation brush.  Each of these foundation types gives great finishes for me, but most important can be applied quickly.. I’m not keen on using my fingers to apply makeup I prefer the use of a tool or sponge (beauty blender).  Either way these formulas/foundation types whether Bobbi Brown or other brands are all quick and easy options for a pretty polished face with minimal application effort!!  What are some of your favorite foundation formulas and do you use more than one on a day to day basis?!


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