Product Review: Rituals Shower Gel, Body Cream and Body Scrub – by Traci Drury

The last two Love Yourself beauty bags at Barneys (their semi-annual beauty event which I’ll post about in the next week or two) included samples of the Rituals Foaming Shower Gel.  I had not previously tried their products or heard of the brand.  Last year one of the items I purchased during the beauty event was the Rituals hand balm (review here), which is the first time I received and used the Shower Gel.

                                                Rituals Zensation 2                                Rituals Tai Chi 3

Once the gel is dispensed it turns into a soft, creamy, luxurious foam which feels soft on my skin.  You only need to use a little – about the size of a quarter – so it should last several months.  The Shower Gel spreads easily and feels silky.  I thought the price point would be higher than $15 for 200ml and $6 for 50ml.  The scents are light, not overwhelming.  So far I’ve used Yogi Flow, T’ai Chi, and Zensation.


Recently I purchased a couple of Rituals gift sets and tried my first beauty box from GlossyBox.  The February beauty box included a full size Yogi Flow Shower Gel.  My package of gift sets arrived and, of course, I decided to keep one for myself (it did take an effort to shop for them after all!).  I used the Honey Touch Rich and nourishing body cream and Himalaya Wisdom Body Scrub with the Yogi Flow Shower Gel.  They are all part of the Ayurveda Rituals line.  The body cream feels thick at first, but once it warms in your hands you’ll find that it spreads quite easily.  The Body Scrub is made with Crystal salt from the Himalaya, basil for detox and fresh mint.   So far I’ve liked all the products I’ve tried from Rituals and would recommend them for purchase.  They also have makeup, skincare, a line for men and home products.  I’m thinking about trying their fragrance sticks next.


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