A Lipstick is Not Like a Pair of Shoes – by Traci Drury

If you’re like the average woman there are a lot of shoes in your closet. While I have more than my share of shoes my weakness is makeup and skincare. The difference being that the latter has an expiration date (I’ll post something on expiration dates at a later date). Shoes can last for years if not worn everyday, but lipstick and glosses cannot.

This month I challenged myself to wear a different lipstick/gloss every day (OK, I’ll be honest and admit this will take longer than a month). In the end there will be two piles: One will be for lipsticks/glosses that don’t make the cut (they’ve expired – smell bad, product consistency is off, or the color is just wrong for me – shout out to my honest friends), the second will be the survivors. Below is a photo of items that have already had their fates decided.
Lipstick Tossed 1-18-15 Watermark (2)

One benefit of this exercise is that I have found one lipstick that I have reconnected with: Lancome L’Absolu Rouge. I believe they no longer have the color Misty Rose, but this lipstick line is creamy and the pigment lasts for quite some time.
Lancome Lipstick Watermark

There are lipsticks and glosses that won’t need testing because I wear them frequently. But I’m rekindling the excitement I once had with some of the other well-deserved products.


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