K.I.S.S – With Your Skincare Routine – by Traci Drury

Have you made your Beauty or Skin Resolution? New Year’s resolutions are usually related to exercise, diet, losing weight, finances, etc. Taking care of yourself includes caring for your skin, which is your largest organ (think about that for a second – your skin does more than cover your muscles and bones!).


Your skincare routine does not have to be complicated. Sometimes simple is better. Some of us love to apply products to our face. If you know that realistically you will only use a couple of products, then keep it simple. I recommend a cleanser that is gentle enough to remove makeup, eye cream, face moisturizer and sunscreen. If you don’t mind one more step add a serum – they absorb easily and the key ingredients penetrate much better so they’re usually very effective.

Look for a moisturizer and serum that include vitamins and/or peptides (for AKA names click here). These skincare steps will help with anti-aging, your skin’s texture and radiance, and your makeup will go on smoother!

Prevention, preservation, or whatever you want to call it, does take at least a little effort. Having a reasonable plan (or routine) will help you reach your goal of caring for your skin.

We’d love to hear about your Beauty or Skin Resolution! Leave a comment below to share your resolution or ideas on how to implement the core steps into a busy schedule.

P.S. Don’t skip the sunscreen even on cloudy days!


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