Why can’t I seem to find the right names on an Ingredient List?

Does this sound familiar? You read an article about skin care and it recommends particular ingredients for different skin concerns. The next time you’re at the store you find a product with packaging that claims to contain the recommended ingredient. You flip the box over and can’t find it on the ingredient list. One example is Hyaluronic Acid which (like many ingredients) has multiple trade names. I happen to know it is usually listed as Sodium Hyaluronate in skin care products.

The other day I had a conversation with someone who mentioned her frustration about this issue. Taking into consideration that I’ve also had this frustration, I’ve decided when I mention an ingredient in future blog posts I will try to list some of the trade names you may see in the ingredient list.

If you have a frustration that is skin care or makeup related, let us know! You can make a comment on one of our posts or our FaceBook page, or send us an email. We would love suggestions for future posts.

Til next time,

Traci Drury


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