Prep, Perfect, Conceal & Set by Danielle Maddox


I’m excited to share with you the newest campaign at Bobbi Brown! As some of you know Bobbi Brown believes in the power of concealer! She has an awesome collection of concealers and correctors for clients to choose from based on your skin’s tone and the depth of undereye discoloration.  The proper concealer can make the biggest difference in the finished look of your makeup!  Here are the steps to ensure that you have a flawless polished undereye area:
Bobbi Brown Concealer Set
1) Prep
Using Bobbi Brown’s HYDRATING EYE CREAM will leave the eye area hydrated and perfectly prepared for concealer

2) Correct
Brighten and neutralize the purple/green/blue undertones with Bobbi Brown’s CORRECTOR in the eye area

3) Conceal & Set
Using Bobbi Brown’s CREAMY CONCEALER KIT lighten and even out undereye skintone and set w/ powder for long wear

Other tips that help create a flawless concealer look would be to use the corrector and concealer only in areas where it’s needed as opposed to under the entire eye area. This will help prevent your concealer from caking.  Using a brush to apply your concealer and corrector is ideal to ensure that you will not waste product and use more than you need, Bobbi’s CONCEALER BLENDING BRUSH works well for this.  Also be sure to set your concealer immediately with powder to avoid creasing.  Using Bobbi Brown’s EYE BLENDER BRUSH is perfect for applying a light veil of powder…

I would like to invite you in to sit with me to find your perfect corrector and concealer shade and to apply these tips and tricks to your own beauty routine!  From now until October 2nd schedule an appointment with me and receive the BOBBI’S DARK CIRCLES EMERGENCY KIT which includes:

A sample of Hydrating Eye Cream / Mini Concealer Blending & Eye Blender Brush Duo / Sample of Concealer & Corrector

Supplies are limited and available only with a scheduled appointment. Schedule your appointment by calling me at 704-442-7900, ext. 2108 or send me an email at

I look forward to seeing you soon!!

All my best,



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