Beauty Events = Gifts With Purchase

Beauty Events = Gifts With Purchase

I will admit that I’ve purchased many unnecessary items in the past for a GWP. But after working in luxury retail I’ve discovered there are GWP’s, and then there are Beauty Events. There is no comparison. Don’t get me wrong, some brands have pretty good GWP’s. But Beauty Events have a store GWP with a variety of brands for samples, and each brand usually has its own GWP.

February is the month for Spring Beauty Events at Barneys (going on now through 2/15/14), Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue (the latter two begin in the next two weeks). The minimum purchase ranges from $100-250.

Did you know: there is no price difference for products you purchase at these stores vs. other department stores. And they carry many of the same brands.

If you don’t have one of these stores in your city you can order online. I live in North Carolina and have developed a relationship with Carolyn at Barneys in Boston over the phone and by email. Building a relationship with a Sales Associate has its benefits. They can make recommendations based on your preferences and mail samples for you to try before you purchase. Now when I have an order I want to place with Barney’s I have someone to call or just send an email.


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