Cetaphil: A Reminder to Research Your Products

Ask a doctor (and some skin professionals) to recommend an inexpensive gentle cleanser that does a good job of removing makeup and quite often the recommendation is Cetaphil.

I personally am not a fan of Cetaphil cleanser.  My experience has been that it does not do a good job of removing makeup.  If it’s not removing all of my makeup, surely it’s not removing other things like dirt, oil, pollution, etc.

Danielle shared a blog post with me that she read about Cetaphil and suggested I read it as well.  The title piqued my interest right away, “Cetaphil:  Why the Popular Cleanser Isn’t Doing Your Skin Any Favors.”  After reading the article I thought to myself, “Well no wonder I don’t like the cleanser.”

This blog entry is about more than the link I’m sharing on Cetaphil.  It goes back to the importance of checking ingredients so you know what you’re using on your skin.  I’m an esthetician and while I don’t know the function of all ingredients, even I love to try a product because it contains a particular or new ingredient.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of the latest product, or what the magazines are raving about.  Keep in mind that some of these professionals are receiving free products and we don’t know if they’re doing the due diligence of reviewing the ingredient list.  While I vow to do my best in reviewing ingredients as I put up new blog posts, try to remember the ingredients mentioned in the Cetaphil article so you can do the same going forward.



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